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Sunday, January 13, 2008

3 Double Whammy Viral Marketing Tactics That Invite A Flood Of Traffic

Viral marketing can be an exciting and very profitable marketing tactic once it is in full swing. What is viral marketing, you ask? It refers to a product that is passed on by people to each other, often voluntarily, giving you free advertising and branding at no residual cost to you. It allows you to spread your message as quickly as possible and to as many people as possible.

The most important factor of a viral marketing product is the quality of the product. If something is good, it will recommended far more often than something that is not. If something is controversial or unique, messages for the product will also be passed on more often.

But just what kind of products can you include a viral marketing element? Here are 5 action ideas you can use:

1. Articles

Articles submitted to article directories are great for viral marketing. Your resource box allows you to market your website URL, and your article is allowed for republishing, which means that when publishers want to publish your article, they would have to leave your resource box intact with it.

2. Freeware

This is one powerful method of viral marketing. Simply hire a freelancer to create a useful software and give it away for free. In the software, include a link to your website. Submit your freeware to software directories and watch your traffic roll in.

3. Email newsletters

Give your subscribers permission to pass on your emails if they like it. This is a simple little move that can drive in more traffic to your site with hardly any additional effort.

By: Fabian Tan

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