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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Internet Marketing Resale Rights Blueprint Reviewed

NOTE: If you have an Internet Marketing product that you would like me to write a review for, please see my bio at the end of this article.

If you are like me you’ve heard a lot of claims out on the Internet. Try this and make a million! Do this and never work another day in your life! You know the hype. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even tried a couple of these events only to find yourself looking at yet another scam. One claim I recently put to the test was “Give me 7 days and I will teach you how to build a resale rights empire from scratch that makes you money 24 hours a day on complete autopilot.” Let’s see if this is hype or hope.

“Give me 7 days…”

Actually, for me it was more like 30 days though Christmas holiday’s were taking place at the same time. However, if an Internet venture were completely new to me; thoroughly understanding the content of this course would take a lot more than just 7 days. Therefore, I conclude that this is hype with good news. Simply put, the thoroughness of this product is extremely exceptional. From Internet Marketing guru to green around the gills; everyone can learn excellent Internet marketing strategies form this course.

“And I will teach you how to build a resale rights empire…”

If there ever were an understatement, this would be that. Not only does the Resale Rights Blueprint do an excellent job of teaching his course, but also it provides templates for people to use as they develop their knowledge.

“From scratch…”

Even if you are a newbie to Internet marketing you will find that the Resale Rights Blueprint package speaks directly to you with clarity. The corresponding disadvantage is that Internet Marketing experts will need to weed thru this unnecessary (to them) information while searching for the golden nuggets. A task I decided was more than worth doing.

“That Makes You Money 24 Hours A Day…”

To be honest, I cannot quite speak to this point just yet as I just finished my first project. However, I have hope. Why? Just look at what I’ve learned…

* How to find an in demand resale rights product and sell for maximum profits
* How to create a cash sucking squeeze page to set your earnings on fire
* How to use eBay to drag traffic to your sales pages

And if you think that’s all that is covered in the Resale Rights Blueprint package, think again.

“On Complete Autopilot.”
You do need to drive traffic to your system, so the word “complete” is a bit of hype, but certainly not enough to throw the “autopilot” baby out with the bath water.

The claim from the Resale Rights Blueprint package does indeed contain a bit of hype, but certainly not enough to abandon ship. Especially when you gain such tools as…

* 7 days worth of downloadable PDFs showing you the fastest way to resale right profits
* Detailed check lists to help guide you every step of the way
* Unique plug and play templates that can start earning money today

I’m pleased with my purchase of the Resale Rights Blueprint package. As such, I will be looking for other material that fits my Internet Marketing strategies from John Thornhill.

Check out more info about the Resale Rights Blueprint product at I enjoy writing Internet Marketing reviews; contact me at to setup a time for me to review your product. My first Resale Rights Blueprint project is at More Internet Marketing ideas can be found at

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