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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Search Engine Marketing With Discount Click

Search Engine Marketing (SEO), if you’ve spent any time at all on line, then you’ve heard the words before. But who can deliver and what exactly can they deliver? Ahhh, the age old question. While some promise you the moon the folks at DiscountClick stick with reality while charging a nominal fee that can be as low as $50 per month!

Other than reasonably priced work, what are some of the benefits of using a SEO consultant like Discount Click?

· Keyword ranking reports
· Self service professional SEO tools
· Link popularity campaigns
· PPC setup, tracking and management tools

But wait, there’s more. When allowing the consultants from Discount Click to market your site you also receive an iron clad satisfaction guarantee. Basically put, if your not satisfied with the services you receive you are free to move on without further contractor payments being required; as there is no long-term contract established

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