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Monday, February 4, 2008

Tips for Viral Email Marketing

Viral marketing activates when it goes transmitting your messages via word-of-mouth in an uncontrollable manner from one person to another. It brings positive effects rather than negative. It's contagious in a way but is always beneficial to any online business. This is especially so when the transmitted message comes from a trusted friend.

There is no such thing as planned viral marketing. Viral marketing just happens to activate accidentally and result in explosive transmission. This may be caused by a great piece of information in your email or perhaps by some hilarious joke in your message that is so interesting and amusing to the reader. When we relate emails and viral marketing together, we have to be aware of the fact that the email may actually be the cause of the viral marketing reaction. With this reaction, other kinds of viral movements may be triggered off. In other words, it is similar to a domino effect. Typically, the end result is always the desired outcome.

Viral marketing campaigns have always incorporated emails as its primary feature. This is attributed to the fact that emails are the fastest and most inexpensive of all marketing media. We can create splendid buzz with help from emails. We are able to generate more interest when our emails are noticed by web surfers, marketers and non-marketers alike.

What are the ways that we can execute viral email marketing effectively and bring in massive income? Here are the tips which should contribute to its success:

(1) Write clear and simple messages - This is basic rationale. With a message that is deep and complex in its structure and meaning, it is very likely that the relative campaign is not going to succeed. Visitors may have to think hard about the meaning of those complex sentences before thinking of buying. The decision to buy will be stifled and delayed from taking place in a short time. It is only good that the email message should be short, simple and distinctly clear. Only then will there be a better chance of good returns and higher viral conversion rates.

(2) Increase creativity - There can be so many topics to write about for your emails. The best ones will be those that are creative and have funny videos, cute pictures, stimulating pieces of news etc to stimulate and captivate the visitor's attention. After emails are sent out, we should engage in requesting the recipients to join us in sharing the buzz creation. A good example would be requesting them to post their viral messages onto their pages on either MySpace or FaceBook. They can also post badges onto their blogs.

(3) Implement a monitoring system for the results - Every campaign must be monitored for its performance. Compare whatever results attained for the campaign with those of the original goals. From the metrics, we should be able to ascertain what offers are bringing in good returns. We will also be able to make relevant changes to boost our blogs, forums, video sources etc in order to reverse the bad results.

(4) Offers must have a maximum ceiling - No offers can be stated without any cap whatsoever. It is senseless to offer ten dollars discount for every ten people recommended. This may cause privacy issues that may affect the marketer's reputation. If such an offer really gets emailed, consequences would be drastic. We can only imagine the message will be sent like a spam, possibly overloading servers. Therefore, the best solution would be a tangible value-added offer, by which viral email marketing works effectively.

(5) Welcome referrals - Referrals who come to you from your subscribers are like additional gems to your goldmine. They must be warmly welcomed. An opt-in checkbox to receive future mails can be constructed specifically for them. To produce better results, it is recommended that the subject lines in referral emails be warmly personalized to show that it originates from a good friend, for instance, " Christopher Jones thought you will have a great liking for the sofa on sale at 20percent discount at Great". A warm welcome to a referral is undoubtedly an incentive for successful viral email marketing.

(6) Ensure no message overload - It is obvious that sometimes we may have sent too many emails at any given time. The only course of action to take is to ensure there will be no message overload, especially when we ourselves are heavily burdened with replying emails. We must not only monitor what are the results attained so far for the campaign, but also the open and click-through rates, as these will show us how many actual responses we have actually received. This will reflect the recent pattern and level of engagement in emails.

For viral email marketing to be successful, it is significant that the primary objective of the campaign be clearly defined, the results well measured, and a good proactive contingency plan be instituted at the outset of the campaign. That said, by using the aforesaid tips for viral email marketing, chances for attaining success for your online business using viral email marketing strategy will be raised considerably.

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