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Monday, May 19, 2008

3 Top Tips Not To Forget In SEO

The other day my wife and I were visiting some friends. You know the type, able to complete critical heart surgery with their hands tied behind their back while wearing a blindfold. They asked what we did for a living and we responded with SEO. Clueless, they continued asking about SEO till we told them it was the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

With that added nugget of truth exposed they gleefully responded by telling us they knew everything about that subject. We quickly changed to talking about the weather so as not to cause further embarrassment for the people we were visiting.

It’s safe to say that some people know more about SEO than others, but it’s probably the case that not even Google has a complete understand of what Search Engine Optimization means in it’s entirety. Perhaps people having varying levels of comprehension and such on the topic, but when someone blatantly states they know all about this subject you can pretty much guarantee that they know next to nothing should the truth be exposed.

In this article we will look at 3 key elements of Search Engine Optimization and a brief explanation of how to capitalize on each.

The first key is to optimize on content especially on your home page (aka index page). Pictures are nice, and perhaps even necessary to express a given point, but if you elect to throw the majority of text content away in favor of pictures you are making a grave mistake.

Wait, you say, I can use the “alt” tag in a picture to add content. And you are correct. However, ending your website optimization at this point (especially on your home or index page) will lead to nothing but disaster. I’m not saying to avoid pictures necessarily, but I certainly am telling you not to neglect properly formatted text for your given niche.

Ahhhh, you say, I get it. If my topic is about basketballs then I need to use the words “basketball” in my text about 100 times. Before I can get a word in edge wise you come up with the brilliant idea of creating a whole page with the word “basketball” being the same color as the background of the website you want to develop.

I only have a one-word response to your bright ideas…. BANNED

Yes, that is exactly what you can expect from the above idea. Just when you thought you were going to trick the search engines into submission you find instead that your website is not listed at all. Gone are the days of “black hat” tricks like the ones mentioned above. Fact is, I would stay away from “black hat” tactics all together else sooner or later you find your bright ideas lead no where fast. Thus topically related properly structured text that is not stuffed with keyword or invisible text is really the best idea for your Internet Marketing future success.

Now your thinking, I need to use text however I don’t want to use the wrong text. But what happens if someone steals the text I’ve used? Wait! I’ve got it, you say. I’ll turn my text into a picture forcing the thief to type my words before they can steal them.

While this might cut down theft issues the unfortunate problem is that it also eliminates Google from giving you a fair review on your website. Why? Because Google cannot read text that has been altered into an image. So your best bet is to allow dishonest people to be dishonest with the realization that this small segment of your population is not worth paying attention to. They likely won’t be the one’s with enough initiative to create their own projects anyway, so they probably aren’t even remote competition.

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