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Monday, May 26, 2008

Do not “P” on your website

Building a website, what a novel idea.

* Receive Internet website traffic 24 by 7 even while you sleep or go on vacation.
* Find qualified clients contacting you instead of looking for a needle in a haystack.
* Cut overhead expenses like buildings and employees while expanding Internationally.

Before you start, may I give you a piece of advice? Here it is. Don’t “P” on your website!

What, you say?

Let me tell you the 3 “P’s” to avoid when creating your web page.

#1P to avoid: Avoid creating a Brochure “P”age. While “real world” marketing efforts would likely include a brochure; limiting your website to this option will result in little to know traffic. Why? Simply because the World Wide Web is built around the idea that “content is king”. Therefore you need far more quality information about the niche you are targeting than a simple brochure.

#2P to avoid: Dismiss the idea of a Splash “P”age. While a brochure does indeed have some content a splash page certainly does not. It’s focus is on a beautiful front end with content (if any) somewhere deeper than the main page. Nothing can get in the way of your Internet Marketing success more than avoiding all content on the home page. Thus staying away from glitz and glamour in favor of tailored content for your given niche is always highly recommended.

#3P to avoid: Cancel thoughts leading to a Doorway “P”age. These are also known as Cloaking “P”ages. Both are detrimental to your success on the Internet because search engines penalize you for such creations when they are discovered. These pages serve no real other purpose than directing people to your “real” website. There may be times this is needed, but when you create multiple doorway or cloaking pages leading to the same website you are setting yourself on course for punishment from the search engines.

An important point is that anyone can link to you, even people that have created one of the pages listed above. Search engines realize this and do not penalize you for their errors. However, when you choose to link to such pages you are penalized. Thus, not only should you stay away from creating the above types of websites; but also staying far away from having anything at all to do with these websites is in your extreme best interest.

Now you know how to be successful in Internet Marketing while not “P”ing on your website. May you have much success in your own personal website ventures.

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