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Monday, May 12, 2008

How Title & Description Tags Supercharge Search Engine Optimization

You’ve heard of them. Those that put a couple of words on a page followed by a couple of links and sit back waiting for the money to come rolling in. Month’s later you inquire as to how their Internet business is going and receive anything from blank stares to who knows what. The collective conclusion is that making money on the Internet simply does not work.

Despite the objections you have seen you now decide to cast your own lot to Internet Marketing dreams. However, you proceed with your eyes wide open by researching the field before jumping in with both feet.

Instead of picking just any title you choose one that is keyword focused.

No “Larry’s Widget Palace” and “Widget Palace Shop” are not going to work for you. Instead you decide on an exact niche to focus on, search for leading keywords in that given niche, and formulate both your main title page and domain around the best of the best long-tail keywords available.

You realize that people just don’t care a whole lot about what your name is or even the name of your company. Their focus is on them and when you make this your focus too you become a valuable resource rather than just another Internet Marketer. This starts you on the fast track to success with Internet marketing, but your research has taught you that this is just the beginning.

In horror you remember back to your friends attempt at Internet Marketing. When you looked at his website there were a vast number of pages that stated nothing at all in the blue title bar at the top. Even worse, when you reviewed their code no information was entered in the meta keywords or description codes. Fact is, he had left the meta tags clear out of the website.

While you realize that meta tags aren’t recognized by the search engines like they used to be you know this information is still good to include on your website. And so you do exactly that. In fact, you put a unique plan into action. You find 5 to 7 leading long-tail keywords for your niche and focus one page of your website to each long-tail keyword. You put it in the title, description, and throughout your entire website in a variety of styles. You have now successfully created your first 5 to 7 pages of focused content to build your Internet Marketing success from.

In conclusion let’s review what you have done.

1. You avoided an ego trip preferring instead to focus on the best long-tail keyword opportunity available.
2. You created titles and descriptions related to the best long-tail keywords of your given niche.
3. You gave each page a unique focus by using different keyword combinations for each web page.

Consequently you are well on your way to successful Internet Marketing. Though your journey may indeed just have begun the course you are on will lead to optimal success.

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