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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 Easy Ways To Generate Revenue From Blog Advertising

Cha-ching! That is the sound you wish you were hearing from your blog and perhaps you do at least a little. However, if you are counting on a revenue from your blog it is essential that you hear this sound more frequently than once every six months or your sure to go hungry. So the question is, how do you transform an infrequent “Cha-ching” into a well-oiled profit pulling money generator?

If you’ve been into Internet Marketing for any time at all you will probably have several potential ways of answering that question. Today, let’s look at how advertising can generate a nice income stream for your blog.

Through Google Adsense you can enter code into your blogs that automatically deliver advertising to your blogs readership. When they click on these ads you generate money though sometimes not as much as you were anticipating.

There are a number of reasons that this is the case. First, people are getting used to seeing Google Advertising on websites and the newness of the concept has long since worn off. Second, in most cases, to make a sizeable amount of money on this track you need to develop a heavy flow of new and returning visitors, which can be a challenge and is the subject of a different article.

Ways to circumvent the newness feeling of Google Adsense include using any of the following…
* Google Search
* Google YouTube Video
* Google links rather than ads

Since these concepts are used much less overall people do not tend to automatically gravitate away from them as much.

For more information about what the free Google Adsense program offers visit Google and select the link that says “Advertising Programs” instead of performing the more expected routine of placing a search in the search box.

In this approach companies pay you to place their advertising on your blog. Since you are able to charge an upfront fee this can be a more lucrative approach to making money with your blog than what you experience Google Adsense to be.

The easiest way of running self-directed blog advertising that I have found is to create PayPal “buy now” type buttons and allow your clients to purchase advertising directly through Paypal. While this will cost a little, you are removed from having to keep track of billing cycle issues while being able to offer credit card processing to your clients.

However, this approach does not arrive without it’s own unique problems. First, you are not going to catch the eye of companies unless you can demonstrate that you already have an established blog with a large readership. Second, maintenance agreements can be more time consuming to administer than the set and forget approach of Google Adsense.

Never-the-less, this is definitely a concept worth pursuing which can lead to nice unexpected job or contract opportunities with the company’s involved. Perhaps the best approach is to start by using Google Adsense for your blog marketing and then moving to self-directed advertising once you can prove that you have a substantial readership base available.

Whatever you decide about blog advertising there is no question but that it is indeed one sure way of making money from your blog.

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