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Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Autoresponder Marketing Tips

All autoresponder email campaigns are created equal, right?


But do the differences only apply to your textual content? Hardly. Here are 6 Aweber autoresponder marketing tips to help your newsletter far exceed those of your competitors.

(1) Place a headshot graphic next to your E-mail signature. It’s really a small change, but it makes a huge difference in personalizing your audience writings to your newsletter audience.

(2) Create social networking groups on sites like FaceBook & MySpace and let your group directly sign up for your newsletter. If they were interested in joining your group, there is a great chance they will be interested in joining your newsletter too.

(3) Personalize your newsletters. This is a highly affective largely overlooked option available from professional autoresponder services. What’s better is that it provides continuity between E-mails.

Here is an example…

“On Tuesday, I’ll show you the three things you can do to supercharge your writings with Bum Marketing” makes this easy to implement.

(4) Interact with your readers by encouraging feedback, creating polls and providing surveys. People like giving opinions on material they know about. There is a great chance that more than a couple people will be interested in providing their opinions if they are given the opportunity to do so.

(5) Get real! Most people don’t want to read thesis type writings. Talking in a conversational manner to your readers will get you much further than flowery language that is difficult to understand.

Most people would say a professional newsletter is the heart of an Internet business. Considering that it is the force that keeps people coming back to your website I would quite agree. That’s why I choose to use Aweber and recommend their services to anyone serious about building a business on the Internet.

Yahoo Answers Search Results Tips & Tricks

Google, the tool you love to hate.

* Not because it is not valuable.
* Not because it is not helpful.
* Not because it is not resourceful.

No, only because it reminds you of your childhood. Remember the days of ole when you used to ask people how to spell “antidisestablishmentarianism” or such only to hear the classic response “look it up.” How were you supposed to “look it up” if you didn’t know how to spell it? What they weren’t telling you is that they were both clueless and embarrassed. Both their problems were solved by putting the burden back on your plate like a double portion of broccoli.

Today, it is no different with Google.

All you have to do is type in the right search phrase. But what if you can’t figure out what the correct word combination should be? Enter stage right “yahoo answers search results”.

Did you know Yahoo solved this problem by creating All you have to do is post a question that others consider relevant, sit back and wait for your answers to come pouring in.

It really is sweet.

But Yahoo Answers has a couple of problems too.

(1) Along with high quality relevant answers you are forced to wade through other E-mails you receive in response to your question.
(2) Trying to find out if someone else has already asked your exact question can be a tad cumbersome.

Perhaps that is why Yahoo created

This is a database tied to the results of Yahoo Answers that you can query in any of a number of ways including but not limited to…

* Open questions
* Resolved questions
* Undecided questions

I personally like using the “open questions” option as it lets me know what people are asking and consequently what I can respond to. Given the high PR rating of Yahoo, I try to post a new answer at least once a day. However, your particular needs are likely different from mine and as a result you will choose different options from the tool.

You can also sort your results by…

* date
* relevancy
* age of item

It really is quite a useful tool. So next time Google stumps you rush over to search results for useful targeted helpful responses from people directly interested in your niche topic. You’ll be glad you did.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

10 Top Internet Marketing Web 2.0 Forums And Blog Resources

When I started this article I was looking for a bulletin board type forum where people dialog about posted comments. And while that certainly is my understanding of what a forum is why couldn’t web 2.0 forums include social networks? Sure, the two do have minor differences but as it relates to posting and responding to posts they remain the same.

With that said, here are the top 10 web 2.0 forums.

* USFreeAds - Free classifieds. Place your classified ads here - Huge traffic, active buyers and tens of thousands of fresh daily visitors ensure your items sell fast.

* TechCrunch - Startup and Technology News.

* DIGG - Is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users.

* StumbleUpon - Discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more.

* - Social bookmarking for the masses.

* ReddIt - Is a source for what's new and popular online. Reddit learns what you like as you vote on existing links or submit your own!

* BlinkList - Real people with shared interests list the websites they care about. Rate sites you like or save them for later.

* BuddyMarks - The Online Bookmark Manager. The Web's best online personal, group and social bookmarks manager.

* NetVouz - is a social bookmark manager where you can store your favorite links online and access them from any computer. You organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords and can then browse them by folder or tag, or search for them.

* TagTooga - Discover the Best of the Web, Add your Site, and Organize your Bookmarks with TagTooga - a Web 2.0 Social Bookmarking / Wiki.

The SEOGuy wishes you great success with your Internet marketing efforts. Each of these web 2.0 forums and blog resources have the potential of making a dramatic difference in your Internet Marketing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autoresponder Marketing Strategies Exposed

You’ve built your website.
You’ve created niche focused content.
You even have a good number of one-time visitors.

But how do you get your visitors to return again and again and again?

One of the best ways is by implementing autoresponder marketing strategies.

Before you rush away from this article to build your own E-mail marketing list there are some things you need to remember. If you are accused of spamming it doesn’t take long before your ISP bans your account, which leaves you without any Internet access at all. It’s awfully hard to build an Internet business without access to the Internet.

That’s why I recommend paying for an autoresponder service, why my strongest personal recommendation being for Aweber as they require a double opt-in from your subscribers.

What is a “double opt-in?” Simply put your reader signs up for your newsletter and then is required to verify their desire to participate by confirming an E-mail message they receive. Sure, you will lose some in the process, but those who remain will want your newsletter. The only thing you need to remember is to stay tightly focused on your niche audience as that is the only way they will come to see your newsletter as a valuable work that they want to read.

Here are several more ideas to enhance your autoresponder marketing strategies as you build your list.

(1) Create additional materials like E-Books & E-Courses that you can setup to be automatically delivered upon request from your list.
(2) Tell your readers about new articles that you have written or that you believe they would view as valuable to the specific niche they are in.
(3) Send your messages out on different days to determine which days you get the best readership results from your readers.

Running a successful list really isn’t rocket science. Probably the best advice available in the area of autoresponder marketing strategies would be DON’T GIVE UP! Building a business takes time, but that time can be dramatically reduced online as long as you consistently stick with your plan. I believe that the #1 reason people fail is not because they couldn’t do it, but rather because they chose to throw in the towel and not do it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

You want money from Google Adsense, right?

I at least presume that to be correct or you wouldn’t likely be reading this article. After all, that’s why I wrote this particular article on 3 Google Adsense Secretes Revealed.

Here is a snapshot of what we will cover in this article.
* Optimization essentials
* Savvy ad placement
* Using features wisely

Let’s get started!

Optimization Essentials: Use Google Adsense channels.

I can’t really say it any clearer than that. Google Adsense walks you through the process of setting up channels while you are creating the code. In my own early days I just skipped by this step as I was far to busy gearing up to make money.

The result? Whenever I received income generating clicks I never knew exactly where they were coming from. As a result I never knew exactly where I should be spending more time creating more resources. It’s like being in a dark unfamiliar bathroom trying to find the toilet. Oh, you might find it, you hope.

With that said let’s talk about…

Savvy Ad Placement: “Z” line exposed

Most web readers view a page in the same way that they read a book. It’s called scanning. Draw an imaginary Z on your computer screen. Make sure it’s imaginary! That’s exactly where you want your adverts to be.

* Across the top
* Down horizontally
* Across the bottom

Further, the more adverts you have “above the fold” of your page the better the chances of you receiving the Google Adsense clicks you are looking for.

And the final tip from this Google Adsense secrets revealed is…

Using Features Wisely: Section Targeting

If you have a particular section of your web page that you would like to emphasize within your Google Advertisement and know just enough HTML to be dangerous, then this technique may be of interest to you. You simply place a small piece of code that tells Google where the critical part of your page is into your web page. This can be very advantageous if you have specific content that you want a particular ad unit to reflect.

Well, there you have it. I hope these 3 Google Adsense secrets revealed help you generate the income earning opportunities from Google that you are looking for.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How I Make Money Online Writing For Howhub.Com

What is the #1 goal of most Internet Marketers?


That’s right. Money.

The problem is that there are more online money making gimmicks online than there are stars in the sky. However, every once in awhile someone comes along and creates a genuine Internet income generating opportunity. Such is the case with where you can know how to make money online writing.

The owners of Article Dashboard created HowHub.

Why is this important to you?

Article Dashboard is one of the leading article directory databases for people to submit writings to on the entire Internet.

Other article directories include…
And that’s just the start.

The point here is not to explain the virtues of article directories. Though, if you are a serious Internet Marketer you really do need to have this talent under your belt. However, where one success is found you will often find more. So the fact that the creators of Article Dashboard are at the top of their industry bodes well for working with

One of the most promising aspects of HowHub is Google Adsense. Instead of taking these funds for themselves HowHub allows its participants to generate 100% income from their own ads on their articles. The only stipulation is that you need to be responsible for referring 10 subscribers to their services.

Signing up with is a breeze. So instead of wondering how to make money online writing you now know one sure way to accomplish your goal.

How I Use Long Tail Keyword Marketing For Highly Targeted Website Traffic

Who doesn’t want website traffic? Or more precisely who doesn’t want massive amounts of highly targeted website traffic? Seems to me that if you raise your hand to either of these questions your reason for being on the web has nothing to do with success.

Here are 4 ways to receive your visitors.
* Long tail keyword marketing
* Submissions to article directories
* Running a blog & website in tandem
* Using social networking & social blogging

In and of themselves any of the above suggestions can produce high volumes of targeted visitors to your website. Given that being the case, and it is, what do you think would happen if you merged all four areas together as a marketing system for your website? This is exactly what people discover when they visit

That being said, lets talk about generating proper long tail keywords to build your website upon by breaking down how I discovered what keyword phrase I would use for today.

First, I chose a topic.
* Keywords

Then I went to Google and entered the following with brackets.
* “Keywords”
Which produced the following results on the right and side of the blue bar residing near the top of the page.
* 1 - 10 of about 715,000,000

Two important points are worth mentioning here.
1. The resulting number can and will fluctuate on a frequent or even daily basis.
2. While I would be the first to accept 715,000,000 people to my website, my ability to gain a large piece of this pie is remote due to the nature of supply and demand.

So, like a good fisherman I keep searching for a fishing hole where fist are biting which no one else knows about. Along the way I find.

Keyword Marketing (230,000) – Better than my first try, but I’m looking for a volume of only 1000 – 5000. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Long Tail Keyword (33,200) – Even better, but still not great.

Long Tail Keyword Marketing (2,060) – This is a great spot to be in. It is certainly relevant to my topic, people are actively searching for this phrase & it makes a wonderful title in it’s own right. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Therefore, I can now create an article that will appear to this niche audience, post it to multiple article directories as well as my website & blog, and let my social network and bookmarking friends know about it. My chances of gaining a sizeable piece of the pie is far greater with 2,060 competitors than it would ever be with 715,000,000.

But what if you are at a loss for keywords. One of many answers to that would be’s free service. I use it as regularly as I use a concept called bum marketing. With those two tools there is really no reason a serious Internet Marketer couldn’t generate massive amounts of highly targeted website traffic using long tail keyword marketing.

7 Interesting Facts About Ebay

Ebay! If you haven’t heard the word in your life, then you might want to check your pulse. Here are 8 interesting facts about Ebay – one of the “virtual world’s” leading giants.

1. Ebay maintains four copies of most of its databases.
Talk about redundancy. It’s nice to know they’ve got our back when we use Ebay. Good reason for us to do the same for ourselves. My 7 gig hard drive is nearly full. What would happen if it suddenly stopped working? Without a backup I would be sunk.

2. On an average, experiences down-time related issues for about 50 seconds each day.
Considering it’s size, that’s certainly not bad news.

3. There are nearly 1 billion page views of Ebay per day.
If only my site could reflect that volume. Can you say Adsense Cha Ching!

4. Ebay users exchange nearly $1,700 worth of goods every second.
I’m not sure how this “recession” we are in affects those numbers. It would seem that the totals might be down, but I’ve heard that the online economy is still booming unlike many parts of the “real world” today.

5. Today, Ebay boasts around 600 million listings, as well as, 204 million registered users.
Given that those who join Ebay become members, this fact demonstrates how powerful a membership related website can really be.

6. The “real world” acts as a load-balancing engine for the “virtual world” of Ebay. When Europe is the most active the US is asleep; and vice versa.

7. Europe is the 2nd largest regional user of Ebay.
Can you guess who the largest user of Ebay would be?

8. 10 terabytes of new storage are added to Ebay every week to cover new transactions that are being made.
And to think that in yesteryear a highly technical guru stated that there would never be a need for more than 12 personal computers across the entire US.
So next time you are enjoying a dinner party, remember to bring up these facts about Ebay. They are certain to lead to some interesting discussions.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Will I Get Recognized By Search Engines?

That’s the question every Internet Marketer wants to know.

And right next to it is, when will the search engines starting sending me mega amounts of traffic.

But there is a way to quite wondering when you will be recognized by the search engines. No, I’m not talking about some type of sneaky pull the rabbit out of the bag black hat tactic that you really shouldn’t ever try. And I’m certainly not talking about spending oodles and oodles of moola to make this process work for you. You are about to learn exactly how to cease worrying about search engine recognition.

The cool thing is that this isn’t a hard process to follow either. Fact is, there is only one step to the entire process. Want to know what it is?

Are you sure?

Okay, ready?

Here it is. Stop!

That’s right. Just stop it. You’ve got more important things to think about anyway. Like what you are going to do today to drive massive traffic to your website.

· How many articles are you going to write and submit to the article directories?
· What else can you do to search engine optimize your website?
· Which of your social networking directories are you going to update today?
· How many pages are you going to save on your social bookmarkings this week?
· What are you going to do to improve your websites associated blog?
· Which PR4 and above websites are you going to swap links with?

Focus on these questions in an organized, consistent & persistent manner and it won’t be long before you are nicely ranked on the search engines. The Internet is indeed a place where you can gain massive exposure and success in a short amount of time. Which is exactly why you need to stop wondering when you will be recognized by search engines and start building your future today.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stellar Online Customer Relationship Marketing

This is part two of a two-part topic. Part one was titled “Online Customer Relationship Marketing Gone Awry”. While I’m not normally a negative individual, it is my hope that others’ can avoid horror stories of their own by true first hand encounters that I experience. To that end, I’d like to tell you of a completely other type of experience I have had with an auto-responder company.

This company is Aweber. After my experience in the other article I immediately contacted Aweber and asked to speak with a manager.

I gave no explanation.
I gave no information.
I was immediately transferred.

When I got to the manager I explained that there was actually nothing wrong, but I was testing their support to make sure it lined up with my expectations. It did, and I signed up with their Aweber on the spot.

The interesting part of this is that there was a day when I would not have used Aweber if you paid me. I had a falling out with their billing department and made the determination that this was not a company I wanted to do business with in the future.

You see, how a company handles online customer relationship marketing makes all the difference in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to sale ice-cubes to Eskimo’s; if you show that you truly care through your support you stand a great chance of being successful. Apparently this auto-responder company both understands and practices that concept very well.

Not only do they offer superb customer service and technical support over the phone but they also make themselves available during business hours for online queries. While it may take a bit longer than desired to connect with a person online, it’s never unreasonable.

That fact, plus the improvements Aweber has made to their software package since the early days has made me a loyal customer. So if you ever think that online customer relationship marketing doesn’t matter. Think again. It really does.

Online Customer Relationship Marketing Gone Awry

Online customer relationship marketing is just as critical as it is for brick and mortar type businesses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that everyone agrees. Here is my own personal experience with an auto-responder company that I once used. Unfortunately, it is not as positive as I would prefer; but since it is my own experiences the company name will remain intact.

Personally, I think the software side of their package is the best on the market. However, recently while working with one of their technicians my website was taken completely out of service.

I called Get Response with panic in my voice and explained the situation. What was the Get Response response?


“Sorry?”, I replied. My website is out of commission. I need something more than “sorry.”

Nothing further was coming so I requested to speak with a manager. My Get Response response now? Perhaps not verbatim, but…

“We don’t allow that here”

I responded, “You don’t allow upset customers to speak to your managers?”

They replied with, “that’s correct”.

I calmly, though upset, requested my technician to put me on hold and go make sure that their manager was willing to risk losing a client account by not coming on the line. They did exactly that, only to confirm the response upon their return. As a result of their poor online customer service processes I immediately cancelled my account and contacted a different company for handling my auto-responder needs.

I do hope that Get Response has changed their policy on this process. You see, in my opinion it doesn’t matter how good of a software product you have put together if your online customer relationship marketing doesn’t match or better yet far exceed your applications abilities.

Internet Marketing Secret Revealed

Internet marketing today does not need to cost a lot of money. Fact is, create you can create a free blog and drive a boatload of free traffic to it through a simple internet marketing secret revealed. The secret? Bum marketing.

That’s right.

Bum marketing.

I originally wasn’t going to focus this article on bum marketing as I just finished a similar article recently. Instead I was going to talk about how most everyone misses the boat on hyperlinks when SEO’ing there web page. Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, the title of this article really lends itself better to a further talk about bum marketing. Therefore, let’s talk about how to bum market successfully.

First, you need to choose a longtail keyword. For me that means running a quick search using Keyword Elite, which is probably, the best tool on the market for this process.

Among other options my query on Internet marketing returned
“Internet Marketing Secrets”

With this longtail keyword in hand I ran a search in Google making sure to keep the quotes around my keyword phrase. Thoese results which are found on the right in the blue bar at the top of Google were…
"Results 1 - 10 of about 111,000"

Since optimum is 1000 – 5000 views for best success on this process we need to keep looking. Here are some of the options I tried.

"Internet Marketing Secret"
Results 1 - 10 of about 211,000

"Internet Marketing Revealed"
Results 1 - 10 of about 843

"Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed"
Results 1 - 10 of about 8,520

And then…

"Internet Marketing Secret Revealed"
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,360

Finally I found a keyword combination that was in the 1000 – 5000 word limit. There are less people going for this target, which means it will be easier to reach my audience.

Further, I looked to the right of the Google page to see if anyone was actually bidding on this keyword phrase. Since I did find bidders, I knew there was a good chance that this would be a hot keyword combination.

So I went about writing my article focusing on the longtail keyword of “Internet Marketing Secret Revealed”. Making sure that the phrase was mentioned at the beginning, end and at least once in the middle of my article.

Next, I create the title. Actually, the title had already created itself in this case. However, I could have titled this “1 Simple Internet Marketing Secret Revealed”. The trick is to keep the longtail keyword phrase intact within the title. It’s even better the title is only the keyword combination itself, but that is not always possible.

Finally, I submit the article to a variety of article directories, post it to my website and blog, send it out to my social networks and bookmarks & whatever else I can do let people know about the article.

Now, if I add any type of affiliate link to the page people visit on my site. In this case it would be Keyword Elite since I talked about it in the article I stand a good chance of making affiliate sales. Further, since I have little competition I get to the top of Google without much effort on this specific longtail keyword combination.

Therefore, my article on “Internet Marketing Secret Revealed” builds my website while fattening my wallet simultaneously. I tell you this process in hopes that you will both use it and succeed in your own Internet Marketing efforts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Use Blogger Blogs To Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Do you have a website?
Do you have a blog?
If you have a website you need to have a blog too.


Simple, you can share link love between the two sites and as one increases in popularity the other one will do the same.

However, no matter if you have a website, blog, or forum one fact remains consistent. Without readers you ain’t got much! It’s even better if your web creative has a large volume of return readers. So, how do you get those return readers?

Simple. Highly targeted niche newsletters.

If you’ve been around the web for any time at all you already know the value of a newsletter. If not, just visit my forum on and I’ll be glad to answer any particular question you might have about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 or what have you.

The purpose of this writing is to give you a simple secret of how to gain those readers from your blogger blog. I read an article recently that advised people how to build a blog subscribe page that people could go to and complete a newsletter sign-up. Good idea, but it requires too much work from your reader.

This article picks up where you already have your blogger blog, know how to get the code for your newsletter signup form, & are ready for more subscribers.

Go to the Layout section of your blogger blog.

Right above the section that references your “blog post” information you are going to add a gadget. Okay, you’ll probably have to add it on the side panel and drag it over to the top of the blog post section.

The gadget you want to add is the one titled HTML/JavaScript. Don’t worry, you don’t need any knowledge of code with this technique.

Go to your newsletter server (I recommend Aweber) and get the code needed to have people sign up for your newsletter. Copy/Paste that piece of code into your HTML/JavaSccript box. Save your work, and your done.

That’s it. Now every time anyone visits your blogger blog they will find your request to sign up for your newsletter. It doesn’t matter what page they are on as it will come up on each and every page like clockwork. With this technique your visitor only has to enter there name and e-mail to be successfully signed up for your newsletter.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Extreme Disadvantage Of Article Directory Submitters

Successful Internet Marketing can be kin to writing a never-ending grocery list.

* 25 social bookmarking submissions
* Submit 7 articles using article directory submitters
* 10 social networking updates
* Send newsletter, update blog & website
* Write 3 new articles
* And the list goes on

Not to mention all the responsibilities that our offline life demands.

Given such daunting tasks one would think that when someone creates a tool to help speed up the process that it should be nothing but beneficial. Unfortunately, such is not the case with article directory submitters.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying article directory submitters don’t have their place. What I am however recommending is that you use them as a tool rather than a crutch.

This truth really hit home to me today when I logged onto one of my article directories to correct an article error so that it would go live on the directory. You know those profile sections that you find on many social bookmarking and social networking websites? Would you believe they are on article directories as well? Well, they are.

The one that I happened upon even included a place for me to put my profile link for many of my social networks including MySpace & FaceBook. If that wasn’t enough, given the right information it will even update Twitter automatically. That’s like an extra kick in my Internet Marketing endeavors without any additional work. Nice!

The moral of this story is simply, go ahead and use article directory submitters. Just take the time to logon to the article directories in person and setup your profile information. I’d actually logon every couple of months and check things out. After all, many article directories have stats that will let you know which articles are succeeding verse those that aren’t.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How To Be A Bum

Internet Marketing. There are so many ways to do it that the ways to do it successfully often get lost in the confusion. I recently tried PPC and found $100 gone before I could blink. Without PPC getting to a top spot on Google can take some effort unless you implement bum-marketing tactics.

When I first heard the term “bum-marketing” I dismissed it as yet another black hat process that would be sure to get you banned from Google. I was so sure of myself that I didn’t even give must time to study of the process. Well, at least not until today when I read a very clear description of the process.

Unfortunately for me I am now kicking myself in the backside because I did not listen earlier. Please don’t do the same, and instead learn from the ignorance of my mistakes.

Simply put, bum marketing is gaining a top spot on the search engines without having to pay for it.

How do you do that?

I’m glad you asked.

First you find a long-tail keyword that pulls in only 1000 – 5000 results on Google.

Thus, instead of…
"apple pie" (6,490,000)

You choose the longtail keyword of…
"grandma ople's apple pie" (4,940)

You can find the totals for any keyword phrase in blue on the upper right side of Google. Be sure to use brackets around your longtail keyword or your results will be skewed at best.

Now that you have your long-tail keyword write an article around that exact keyword and nothing else. For optimum results use only one long-tail keyword per article. Also, be sure to use the keyword phrase at the start and end of your article for even better results.

Next, create your title. This part can be easy since your long-tail keyword makes for a good title all by itself, or you can tweak it a bit if you like.

So, your title could simply read…
"grandma ople's apple pie"

Or, you could create a title that reads…
"don’t eat grandma ople's apple pie"
"grandma ople's apple pie receipt”

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you get the idea. Now it’s time to let people know that your article exists. You can use article directories, social networks, social bookmarks, forums, & blogs among other strategies to get the word out. If you want the top spots of Google lightening fast then 3 places not to miss posting to include…


Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch Out For The Bluma Zeigarnik Effect Online

I received an E-mail from one of my Internet Marketing mentors today. He told me about the Zeigranik Effect created by Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik. While I know there are numerous ways to “write smart” web copy for the Internet I had never actually heard about the Zeigranik Effect process. After reading his information I knew this would be important to share with those who choose to read my Internet articles.

However, I must point out that I am not an expert on this concept. I’m just the SEOGuy telling you about a process for writing Internet articles that sounds good to me. Thus you can take or leave the advice within, but I do recommend that you test and tweak it to your own self-discovery and knowledge.

In short, the Zeigarnik Effect draws the reader’s interest by not giving them the entire story. Sure, you give them enough information that they depart believing that they are all the wiser for having read your article; you just don’t tell them everything.

Here is how this affect works in real life.

Think of what you consider to be your job or occupation. Now think of what projects are important for you to complete ASAP. In all likelihood several thoughts came rushing to your mind all at once.


Once again, think of what you consider to be your job or occupation. Now think of all those projects that were completed 3 to 6 months ago. Sure you will come up with something, but doing so takes a bit more brain-power effort does it not?

Bluma Zeigarnik termed the difference in thought process the Zeigarnik effect. Another way to look at this is to consider which movies stay in your mind longest. According to Bluma, it’s going to be those that leave the movie unfinished. Leaving open the possibilities for other events to take place places the movie on the side of mystery and consequently it leaves the viewer wanting more.

As for how the Zeigarnic effect works online, it is basically the same process with some key differences. One of the biggest differences being that you probably haven’t even met the website author in person as compared to work where your likely to know everyone involved. While that may be true it does not taint the effectiveness of the process one iota. Of course, there are other differences too, which I’ll be glad to share with anyone anywhere over E-mail.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Power Of A Good Virtual Inbox

50 – 75 – 20 – 125

No we are not calling out the numbers of the latest football play. We are however fighting the constant war against the virtual inbox also known as E-Mail. Some days we all wish it would just “go away.” And then there are those rare occasions when we actual thank God for an E-mail we receive in our virtual inbox.

However, next time you are about to throttle your virtual inbox E-mail there are some key things you need to remember.

If you weed through all the virtual spam that people send our way you will find nuggets of gold in the form of newsletters and reader responses. For the most part, the newsletters you receive likely have something to do with your targeted niche. These contain gold if you only man them correctly.

What does correctly mean? Simple. You start out by actually reading the content of the newsletters and other E-mails you receive while paying special attention to those topics that fit tightly into your niche focus.

Every part of the newsletter is a new potential story. No, you will not simply copy and paste, but rather create a new story after you read the writing. How? Merge your current understanding of the niche topic together with the writing and “viola” you have your new story.

So, the first important thing that a good virtual inbox holds is a newsletter on the given niche you want to build your business upon.

Next, your virtual inbox also holds E-mails from clients in your niche industry that you don’t desire to lose contact with. These are the type of E-mails that could make your break your business.

Finally, each and every E-mail that addresses issues of concern to your niche target audience is a potential golden egg waiting to be found. All you need to do is create a unique spin on it, even if it is an advertisement; and away you go.

So before you curse your virtual inbox E-mail next time, remember it can be used as a resource even if winning the war against E-mail may never actually happen.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Video’s – Boon Or Bust For E-Commerce?

I read an article today advising people to be careful of how and when they use video as content for their websites. And while I will agree that using videos as your only content is both risky and dangerous, I would contend that it is quite short sighted to say that videos are anything but excellent for a person’s website success.

To that end I would like to provide to major reasons that you need to use videos to achieve your dreams on the Internet.

First, it doesn't take much research to understand that in today's market backlinks are more valuable than swaplinks. With a back link, someone provides a link back to your website without thought of you linking back to them.

Done right you can have a multtude of backlinks created from videos just as is possible in article marketing or Web 2.0 strategies. While I would not encourage a person to rely just on video backlinks for their marketing efforts the value they add to the equation is without question.

Second, pulling several top similar videos together on a socical network like MySpace or Facebook helps you to build authority of a given niche topic. As people come to understand that you are an expert in the field especially if you add other content like writing, audio &/or pictures. Being recognized, as a niche expert can be nothing but good if you are looking for an audience. Perhaps that's why I created the viral video website concept which I would be more than glad to explain more about in E-mail.

With that said, video is critical to a website for successful Internet Marketing. It's also important for website content, but it's real value neither starts nor stops in the topic of content alone. However, as website content videos are important their as well as long as you keep 3 main things in mind.

1: Your video must have a professional image
2: Your video needs to be tightly focused upon your niche audience
3: Your video needs an end goal and purpose for being created

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 Simple Steps To Running A Membership Website

You’ve decided that corporate America stinks, but what can you do about it?

* MLM programs aren’t right for you.
* You don’t have the financial resources to start a new business or franchise.
* And holding a street corner sign that reads “I left corporate America please help” just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

So… what can you do?

How about creative Internet Marketing?

Wait! You say, you’ve already spent far to much on so many Internet gimmicks that you are quite sure that the only people making money from Internet Marketing are the frauds. Before you decide to throw the baby out with the bath water please consider these 6 simple steps to running a successful Internet membership website.

#1: Choose A Market:

What are you interested in? What makes you tick? After a simple hello, why do your friends and family call you? For some it’s politics and religion, for others like me it’s questions about the Internet, still others have interesting hobbies that people love to here about. I received a call from a plumber interested in making money on the Internet today. He knows nothing about technology but has an idea for merging his craft with Internet Marketing. I’m certainly not going to recommend that he develops a golfing membership website; at least not at first. His specialty is plumbing and from what I know of him so far his membership website should focus on people who need to know more about plumbing.

#2: Test The Market:
Visit topically related websites. Use MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks to find and connect to groups interested in talking about your niche subject. Learn to recognize what information people are looking for verse that which they are being over indulged by. Find out what’s broken in the market and fix it using your membership website.

#3: Implement A Plan
After gathering the information you need from step 2 design a way to meet these needs of your audience through your new membership website. Do they need videos, or more information from authorities? Are they looking for solid contacts or something else? If you do your research in step #2 correctly it will not be hard to determine what people need in your chosen industry. All you need to do is develop your membership website around there needs and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

#4: Get Started
Now that you have decided what it is you want to do, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s one of the simplest toughest things you will ever have to do in this whole project. Here it is…


You can come up with 1000 good ideas for membership sites. However, if you do not move forward with action nothing will ever happen and you will go absolutely nowhere fast. I myself have come up with excellent Internet ideas only to watch them fade into the dust of such phrases, as “I have no time”.

So… this is where you put together articles, graphics, audio, video or what have you to promote your website. Mind you, this is not the actual promotion, but rather creating the content for what will be promoted. Two excellent websites for this part of the process include and; however these are not the only two resources to consider when creating your content.

#5: Decide On Your Technology
So you’ve got the package together and you are ready to go; the only problem now is what membership website program should you use. There is certainly a large variety on the market to be sure. Send us an E-mail if you would like our recommendation about this. Whatever you decide it’s time to integrate your project into the technology that you will be using to make your membership website ignite.

#6: Market Your Membership Website
Your ready to swing the doors open. When your brain says “just one more tweak”. Remind it that the tweaks can happen after the fact just as well as before. Sure your membership website will grow and develop, but you can bet that Microsoft did not get where it was in a day. It started simple and slow, and you need to do the exact same thing with your membership website.

In conclusion, a membership website is not that difficult to run and maintain. Sure it’s going to take some devotion as well as some work, but you’ve heard “nothing in life that matters comes cheep.” That certainly is the case here. But if you are able to get just 300 people to sign up for your membership website at $9.95 a month you would be pulling in $2985 just for the membership website alone. To me that sounds more than worth it, and I’m quite sure you will agree.

Monday, August 11, 2008

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What’s In A Domain Name

Recently I was reading an article about One would think this to be a site about dogs or at least animals, but no. It’s actually a search engine type website like,, and/or at least in part are in their own right.

Come to think of it who came up with the name I can understand and as I believe these sites existed before their search engine aspect was even presented. But One of the chief rules of choosing a domain name is to make it fit for the topic at hand.

To that end people would know that is likely to relate to health someway and must have something to do with search engine optimization. But the name Google didn’t even exist in the dictionary prior to the release of their search engine according to

Main Entry: goo·gle
To use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web

Yet today is the leading search engine website in the industry.

One thing is clear. Both & broke a rule that you cannot afford to break. When choosing a URL be sure that it makes sense for your niche topic at hand. Sure you can build a following through name recognition like they have, but it’s the long steep road rather than the easier path in most every case.

Today, we hear the word and know immediately what it means. Five years ago that certainly was not the case. Along with name relevance to your niche make your domain name catchy like or It’s easy to remember those domain names as compared to

Therefore, while a domain name doesn’t mean everything to the product. It certainly is an important entity that you don’t want to forget about when selecting what domain name your new website will be built upon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Introducing the Amazon Page Recommender Widget

Rarely, do I pay attention to new widgets for marketing to my audience. I'm happy with AdSense and I really don't want to clutter up my pages with a bunch of useless non-sense.

Today, made me eat those words when I received an E-mail titled...

"Introducing the Amazon Page Recommender Widget"

If that title means what I think it means this could be huge for both your website and Amazon. So I investigated further and was pleased with what I found.

Sure, the widget starts out with nothing but advertising. Don't sweat it though. It has to learn. And when it does, not only will your advertising look sweet but you'll be optimizing your pages at the same time with recommendations between articles. These recommendations are sure to keep visitors on your website for longer periods of time.

I'm definetly moving forward with testing this new widget from and would recommend that you do the same.

You can check out more information here.

If your not an Amazon associate yet, you will need to join. No worries though. It's free. :)

Check out what my current example looks like at this link. It's just below the title of the article.

Yes, it's all ads right now. But that is because it's still a new widget on my site and it has to learn what readers are wanting to see more of.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Will Picking Cherries Help Your Internet Success?

Ever pick cherries before?

I’ve visited more U-Pick places since my marriage in 2007 than probably the entire rest of my life combined. I’m not complaining mind you, it’s fun. However, while picking cherries earlier today it reminded me of the early days in my life as an Internet Marketer.

How does standing on a ladder while removing berries from branches remind me of Internet Marketing? Easy. You gaze into the tree and your eyes quickly fasten on the upper branches where the lion’s share of the cherries are. Before succumbing to the temptation of climbing up to these harder to reach areas realize that since they are higher they will take longer to obtain. Sure they are worth going for, as long as you are aware of the sacrifices involved.

Similarly, how many Internet Marketing E-Books have you been offered that promised you the moon. Most all of them will tell you that anyone can do this or that and they are probably right. However you are not “anyone”, but rather you are likely the “only one” that will help you realize your Internet Marketing dreams. As such you have a choice. Spend your time…

Reading 1000 E-books
Listening to 500 audio files
Watching 5000 videos


Really get something done.

Gaining knowledge is always good. But if you don’t end up doing anything with the knowledge that you have gained what good is it?

Most everyone that wants to sell you the latest best Internet Marketing offer is pointing you to the high fruit while knowing full well that you will probably that have what it takes to secure your share. Why would they do this? No reason, other than it gives them a larger share of the crop to consume when they have you conveniently out of the way.

That said. Here are some down to earth basic ways of reaping your harvest from the low hanging fruit.


Do whatever you need to do to narrow down to a single topic and follow it like the plague. I didn’t do this with one of my first websites on Treadmills and found the painful result being that I had no real information to share, and worse yet I really didn’t care about the subject I had selected.


Now that you have a topic, look at all the different E-books, audio files, and videos that you are interested in and pick only a couple to follow. Whichever one’s you choose make sure that you follow their exact directions at least to start with. Sure you may have a better way, but they are hopefully speaking from a position of experience that you can learn and grow from.


Yes, it’s a whole lot safer to bask in the victories of someone else’s material. But that certainly won’t put a cherry pie on the table, much less pay your bills. So set a plan and do something. Even if you discover you have done the wrong thing. DO IT! If you don’t lose trying you will never achieve success. When you find that you have created a dead-end trail, brush yourself off and start again. Don’t wallow in your failure, but keep moving forward.


Just as you have found so many resources for successful Internet Marketing you will also find a million ways to market on line. Don’t try everything at once. They will wait for you if they are worth their salt.

Here’s one possible 30-day path. It is certainly not set in stone, but rather it is simply meant as an idea for you to build your own Internet Marketing success upon.

1. Create a blog for your given niche (Day 1)
2. Write 10 articles related to your given niche (Day 2-10)
3. Submit your articles to article directories like (Day 10-12)
4. Create a website that focuses on your article (Day 13-15)
5. Continue to write articles while exploring social networking and bookmarking websites. (Day 15-20)
6. Join and setup one social network and one social bookmarking site. (Day 20-25)
7. Build upon the above while continuing to branch out.

Notice that I’m not telling you to shoot for the moon on the first day or even the first month. Nor is the above idea exhaustive by any means. For example, I didn’t say anything about SEO. But the idea is your doing something.

With that said, there are E-Materials out there that will tell you that you can succeed overnight with Internet Marketing. Who knows, perhaps their right. Just as it’s no lie that the best cherries are near the top of the tree. While picking cherries I stepped to high and kicked the bucket off the ladder. Cherries went everywhere. You certainly don’t want to “kick the bucket” of your Internet Marketing dreams do you? Therefore, start simple and keep moving forward. Doing so you will become an expert Internet Marketer and before you know it you’ll be reaping the lion’s share of the crop without even trying.

How Social Multimedia Helps Your Website Grow

I’m sure someone somewhere has already coined the phrase social multimedia, but I haven’t seen it yet. You hear plenty about social networking and social bookmarking but what is social multimedia and more importantly, why should you care?

As you likely already know social networking is building a network of friends using social networking type websites. This would include sites like…

* Facebook
* Squidoo
* Myspace
* Twitter
* Friendster

All of which you should consider in your Internet Marketing campaigns.

Social bookmarking is saving your favorite URL’s in a place where you can find them easily on the Internet. One of the nice things about this process is that people who view your profile will stay connected with you especially if you focus your bookmarks on the specific niche target for which they are interested; which just so happens to be what your website creatives focus on as well. Sites that fit in this category would include…

* Dropjack
* Propeller
* Technorati
* StumbleUpon

Which are also all important to your Internet Marketing strategies.

But what is Social Multimedia and how does this help your Internet Marketing success?

Ever hear of YouTube? Yes it’s a video website but really it’s much more than that. It combines content (audio) and visual (video) together as one for people to use.

The problem with written documentation is that overall people are lazy and won’t take the time to read unless they are seriously interested in the topic. Problem solved with audio information.

The problem with audio content though is that you don’t necessarily hold the full attention of your audience as they can quite easily do other things at the same time. Problem solved when you capture their attention with video.

And while I would certainly use the services of YouTube there are several other social multimedia websites that I would consider as well. Here are just a few…

Google Video

And, of course…


You don’t need to use all these services as once to promote your videos, but the more targets you have pointing at your website the better your results will be on the search engines.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Niche

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Niche

If you have a website focused on finding people one obvious keyword to use would be “People Finder.”

If you have a website focused on Search Engine Optimization one obvious keyword would be “Search Engine Optimization.”

This really isn’t rocket science is it? Unless, of course, you have a website that is focused on rocket science.

That aside, there is a problem.

At the time of this writing Google reports that the keyword “People Finder” has 4,190,000 people looking for an audience and “Search Engine Optimization” has 30,400,000 contenders fighting for that keyword.

Sure you could jump into the fray and claim your tiny piece of the pie; and you should. However, don’t stop there!

While targeting the keyword “Search Engine Optimization” also go for other keywords like “Search Engine Optimization Consultants” or “Internet Marketing With Search Engine Optimization.” Simply put, find out which long-tail keywords work best for your project and include those as targeted keywords for your campaign.

While there are plenty of tools you can get to find keywords, it would be nice to have a resource that identified which long-tail keywords people were using to access your website. is just such a resource and my favorite one.

The best part is that it is free!

But more to the point the details that it provides you about your keywords are incredibly useful. HitTail stresses the importance of this tool for PPC, but it’s usefulness goes far beyond that. Not only can you add their suggestions to the precise page of keywords that they reference but also you could even write an article with that long-tail keyword being your focus. Simply put their resource benefits Search Engine Optimization in a number of ways that will be useful to most anyone that uses the tool.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Three Tips To Targeting Terrific Traffic

You have a product.
You have a website.
You have a dream.

Now what?

How do you reach target yourself into your target market for terrific traffic? Let's look at three tips for success with this idea.

First... PLAN

There are so many different ways to attempt to reach a target audience on the Internet that just the very thought of it can become quite a daunting thought.

Here are just a few possibilities.

* Article or video marketing
* Social networking & bookmarking
* Search Engine Optimization
* Forums & blogs

You get the idea, the question is, where do you start?

The answer is, just START! You don't have to win the world in one day. But if you start with one area and then build upon that you will reach your goal in the long run.

With SEO & Beyond we chose this path.
1. We made sure the pages we wanted optimized for the search engines were.
2. Once that was completed we built our forum and made that interesting to our niche audience.
3. Now we are writing articles and posting them to our blog and external article directories.
4. After that we will focus on Web 2.0 strategies like social networking and bookmarking.

I'm not suggesting that you need to follow our path, but rather that you create a path and begin following it "religiously".

Bottom line, make a plan and follow it.


Ever heard the phrase "build it and they will come"?

Not. and I say NOT! Not, if they get the idea that they are having something forced down their throat unwillingly.

However, if you teach them what they are wanting to know while giving them more and more reason to return for more your chances of success go through the proverbial roof.

So, create relevant content of tremendous interest to your target audience and success will be heading your way.


It cannot be said strongly enough. Follow through with your target audience is critical.

When they E-mail you with a question, don't wait a month to get the answer back.
When they call your voice mail, return the call at your earliest convenience.
When they need help, be there and available to assist in whatever way possible.

Sure there the above is not all that you need to find success on the net, but if you establish a strong plan of action, offer superb salesmanship and provided consistent follow through you will be well on your way to finding the success you are looking for in Internet Marketing.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

1 way to use ME for your Internet Marketing success

I just read an article about the new .ME domains. You know, the one’s that GoDaddy has now recorded in history, as it’s best domain name release ever. Of course, that really does make sense given how creative people can get with this particular domain extension.

Instead of you have
Instead of you have

.ME domains just flow so much better and can be used to brand creative and catchy domain names.


And this is a big but.

Have you considered how working these with backlinks can and/or will supercharge your Internet Marketing business? Take for example the concept of working a blog together with your website. As long as they are a good fit for each other, it’s a given that the search engines value websites that have relevant blogs far more than those that don’t.

So now it’s time for .ME to take it to the next level. No, I’m not going to suggest that you start from scratch on building a brand new website and linking the two together. You’ve already spent valuable time building your website and working your blog. Why not let your website audience create your .ME website themselves?



Simply put, you build your forum from a .ME extension and link it together with your .com website as well as your blog. Now when you make comments on blogs you reference your .com website as your commenting website while putting a blurb on your .ME forum about this particular article for which you have made a comment.

The author of the post receives a backlink from your forum.
You receive a backlink to your main bread and butter website.

Therefore, like I said in the beginning. This is one way to use .ME for your Internet Marketing success.

Ask me about our FREE Viral Video Website give away program @ where Internet Marketing makes sense. Also visit our own viral video website @