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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 Google Adsense Secrets Revealed

You want money from Google Adsense, right?

I at least presume that to be correct or you wouldn’t likely be reading this article. After all, that’s why I wrote this particular article on 3 Google Adsense Secretes Revealed.

Here is a snapshot of what we will cover in this article.
* Optimization essentials
* Savvy ad placement
* Using features wisely

Let’s get started!

Optimization Essentials: Use Google Adsense channels.

I can’t really say it any clearer than that. Google Adsense walks you through the process of setting up channels while you are creating the code. In my own early days I just skipped by this step as I was far to busy gearing up to make money.

The result? Whenever I received income generating clicks I never knew exactly where they were coming from. As a result I never knew exactly where I should be spending more time creating more resources. It’s like being in a dark unfamiliar bathroom trying to find the toilet. Oh, you might find it, you hope.

With that said let’s talk about…

Savvy Ad Placement: “Z” line exposed

Most web readers view a page in the same way that they read a book. It’s called scanning. Draw an imaginary Z on your computer screen. Make sure it’s imaginary! That’s exactly where you want your adverts to be.

* Across the top
* Down horizontally
* Across the bottom

Further, the more adverts you have “above the fold” of your page the better the chances of you receiving the Google Adsense clicks you are looking for.

And the final tip from this Google Adsense secrets revealed is…

Using Features Wisely: Section Targeting

If you have a particular section of your web page that you would like to emphasize within your Google Advertisement and know just enough HTML to be dangerous, then this technique may be of interest to you. You simply place a small piece of code that tells Google where the critical part of your page is into your web page. This can be very advantageous if you have specific content that you want a particular ad unit to reflect.

Well, there you have it. I hope these 3 Google Adsense secrets revealed help you generate the income earning opportunities from Google that you are looking for.