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Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Autoresponder Marketing Tips

All autoresponder email campaigns are created equal, right?


But do the differences only apply to your textual content? Hardly. Here are 6 Aweber autoresponder marketing tips to help your newsletter far exceed those of your competitors.

(1) Place a headshot graphic next to your E-mail signature. It’s really a small change, but it makes a huge difference in personalizing your audience writings to your newsletter audience.

(2) Create social networking groups on sites like FaceBook & MySpace and let your group directly sign up for your newsletter. If they were interested in joining your group, there is a great chance they will be interested in joining your newsletter too.

(3) Personalize your newsletters. This is a highly affective largely overlooked option available from professional autoresponder services. What’s better is that it provides continuity between E-mails.

Here is an example…

“On Tuesday, I’ll show you the three things you can do to supercharge your writings with Bum Marketing” makes this easy to implement.

(4) Interact with your readers by encouraging feedback, creating polls and providing surveys. People like giving opinions on material they know about. There is a great chance that more than a couple people will be interested in providing their opinions if they are given the opportunity to do so.

(5) Get real! Most people don’t want to read thesis type writings. Talking in a conversational manner to your readers will get you much further than flowery language that is difficult to understand.

Most people would say a professional newsletter is the heart of an Internet business. Considering that it is the force that keeps people coming back to your website I would quite agree. That’s why I choose to use Aweber and recommend their services to anyone serious about building a business on the Internet.