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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 Simple Steps To Running A Membership Website

You’ve decided that corporate America stinks, but what can you do about it?

* MLM programs aren’t right for you.
* You don’t have the financial resources to start a new business or franchise.
* And holding a street corner sign that reads “I left corporate America please help” just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

So… what can you do?

How about creative Internet Marketing?

Wait! You say, you’ve already spent far to much on so many Internet gimmicks that you are quite sure that the only people making money from Internet Marketing are the frauds. Before you decide to throw the baby out with the bath water please consider these 6 simple steps to running a successful Internet membership website.

#1: Choose A Market:

What are you interested in? What makes you tick? After a simple hello, why do your friends and family call you? For some it’s politics and religion, for others like me it’s questions about the Internet, still others have interesting hobbies that people love to here about. I received a call from a plumber interested in making money on the Internet today. He knows nothing about technology but has an idea for merging his craft with Internet Marketing. I’m certainly not going to recommend that he develops a golfing membership website; at least not at first. His specialty is plumbing and from what I know of him so far his membership website should focus on people who need to know more about plumbing.

#2: Test The Market:
Visit topically related websites. Use MySpace, Facebook, and other social networks to find and connect to groups interested in talking about your niche subject. Learn to recognize what information people are looking for verse that which they are being over indulged by. Find out what’s broken in the market and fix it using your membership website.

#3: Implement A Plan
After gathering the information you need from step 2 design a way to meet these needs of your audience through your new membership website. Do they need videos, or more information from authorities? Are they looking for solid contacts or something else? If you do your research in step #2 correctly it will not be hard to determine what people need in your chosen industry. All you need to do is develop your membership website around there needs and you’ve got a hit on your hands.

#4: Get Started
Now that you have decided what it is you want to do, there’s only one thing left to do. It’s one of the simplest toughest things you will ever have to do in this whole project. Here it is…


You can come up with 1000 good ideas for membership sites. However, if you do not move forward with action nothing will ever happen and you will go absolutely nowhere fast. I myself have come up with excellent Internet ideas only to watch them fade into the dust of such phrases, as “I have no time”.

So… this is where you put together articles, graphics, audio, video or what have you to promote your website. Mind you, this is not the actual promotion, but rather creating the content for what will be promoted. Two excellent websites for this part of the process include and; however these are not the only two resources to consider when creating your content.

#5: Decide On Your Technology
So you’ve got the package together and you are ready to go; the only problem now is what membership website program should you use. There is certainly a large variety on the market to be sure. Send us an E-mail if you would like our recommendation about this. Whatever you decide it’s time to integrate your project into the technology that you will be using to make your membership website ignite.

#6: Market Your Membership Website
Your ready to swing the doors open. When your brain says “just one more tweak”. Remind it that the tweaks can happen after the fact just as well as before. Sure your membership website will grow and develop, but you can bet that Microsoft did not get where it was in a day. It started simple and slow, and you need to do the exact same thing with your membership website.

In conclusion, a membership website is not that difficult to run and maintain. Sure it’s going to take some devotion as well as some work, but you’ve heard “nothing in life that matters comes cheep.” That certainly is the case here. But if you are able to get just 300 people to sign up for your membership website at $9.95 a month you would be pulling in $2985 just for the membership website alone. To me that sounds more than worth it, and I’m quite sure you will agree.