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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Autoresponder Marketing Strategies Exposed

You’ve built your website.
You’ve created niche focused content.
You even have a good number of one-time visitors.

But how do you get your visitors to return again and again and again?

One of the best ways is by implementing autoresponder marketing strategies.

Before you rush away from this article to build your own E-mail marketing list there are some things you need to remember. If you are accused of spamming it doesn’t take long before your ISP bans your account, which leaves you without any Internet access at all. It’s awfully hard to build an Internet business without access to the Internet.

That’s why I recommend paying for an autoresponder service, why my strongest personal recommendation being for Aweber as they require a double opt-in from your subscribers.

What is a “double opt-in?” Simply put your reader signs up for your newsletter and then is required to verify their desire to participate by confirming an E-mail message they receive. Sure, you will lose some in the process, but those who remain will want your newsletter. The only thing you need to remember is to stay tightly focused on your niche audience as that is the only way they will come to see your newsletter as a valuable work that they want to read.

Here are several more ideas to enhance your autoresponder marketing strategies as you build your list.

(1) Create additional materials like E-Books & E-Courses that you can setup to be automatically delivered upon request from your list.
(2) Tell your readers about new articles that you have written or that you believe they would view as valuable to the specific niche they are in.
(3) Send your messages out on different days to determine which days you get the best readership results from your readers.

Running a successful list really isn’t rocket science. Probably the best advice available in the area of autoresponder marketing strategies would be DON’T GIVE UP! Building a business takes time, but that time can be dramatically reduced online as long as you consistently stick with your plan. I believe that the #1 reason people fail is not because they couldn’t do it, but rather because they chose to throw in the towel and not do it.