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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Extreme Disadvantage Of Article Directory Submitters

Successful Internet Marketing can be kin to writing a never-ending grocery list.

* 25 social bookmarking submissions
* Submit 7 articles using article directory submitters
* 10 social networking updates
* Send newsletter, update blog & website
* Write 3 new articles
* And the list goes on

Not to mention all the responsibilities that our offline life demands.

Given such daunting tasks one would think that when someone creates a tool to help speed up the process that it should be nothing but beneficial. Unfortunately, such is not the case with article directory submitters.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying article directory submitters don’t have their place. What I am however recommending is that you use them as a tool rather than a crutch.

This truth really hit home to me today when I logged onto one of my article directories to correct an article error so that it would go live on the directory. You know those profile sections that you find on many social bookmarking and social networking websites? Would you believe they are on article directories as well? Well, they are.

The one that I happened upon even included a place for me to put my profile link for many of my social networks including MySpace & FaceBook. If that wasn’t enough, given the right information it will even update Twitter automatically. That’s like an extra kick in my Internet Marketing endeavors without any additional work. Nice!

The moral of this story is simply, go ahead and use article directory submitters. Just take the time to logon to the article directories in person and setup your profile information. I’d actually logon every couple of months and check things out. After all, many article directories have stats that will let you know which articles are succeeding verse those that aren’t.