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Sunday, August 24, 2008

How I Use Long Tail Keyword Marketing For Highly Targeted Website Traffic

Who doesn’t want website traffic? Or more precisely who doesn’t want massive amounts of highly targeted website traffic? Seems to me that if you raise your hand to either of these questions your reason for being on the web has nothing to do with success.

Here are 4 ways to receive your visitors.
* Long tail keyword marketing
* Submissions to article directories
* Running a blog & website in tandem
* Using social networking & social blogging

In and of themselves any of the above suggestions can produce high volumes of targeted visitors to your website. Given that being the case, and it is, what do you think would happen if you merged all four areas together as a marketing system for your website? This is exactly what people discover when they visit

That being said, lets talk about generating proper long tail keywords to build your website upon by breaking down how I discovered what keyword phrase I would use for today.

First, I chose a topic.
* Keywords

Then I went to Google and entered the following with brackets.
* “Keywords”
Which produced the following results on the right and side of the blue bar residing near the top of the page.
* 1 - 10 of about 715,000,000

Two important points are worth mentioning here.
1. The resulting number can and will fluctuate on a frequent or even daily basis.
2. While I would be the first to accept 715,000,000 people to my website, my ability to gain a large piece of this pie is remote due to the nature of supply and demand.

So, like a good fisherman I keep searching for a fishing hole where fist are biting which no one else knows about. Along the way I find.

Keyword Marketing (230,000) – Better than my first try, but I’m looking for a volume of only 1000 – 5000. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Long Tail Keyword (33,200) – Even better, but still not great.

Long Tail Keyword Marketing (2,060) – This is a great spot to be in. It is certainly relevant to my topic, people are actively searching for this phrase & it makes a wonderful title in it’s own right. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Therefore, I can now create an article that will appear to this niche audience, post it to multiple article directories as well as my website & blog, and let my social network and bookmarking friends know about it. My chances of gaining a sizeable piece of the pie is far greater with 2,060 competitors than it would ever be with 715,000,000.

But what if you are at a loss for keywords. One of many answers to that would be’s free service. I use it as regularly as I use a concept called bum marketing. With those two tools there is really no reason a serious Internet Marketer couldn’t generate massive amounts of highly targeted website traffic using long tail keyword marketing.