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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Niche

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Niche

If you have a website focused on finding people one obvious keyword to use would be “People Finder.”

If you have a website focused on Search Engine Optimization one obvious keyword would be “Search Engine Optimization.”

This really isn’t rocket science is it? Unless, of course, you have a website that is focused on rocket science.

That aside, there is a problem.

At the time of this writing Google reports that the keyword “People Finder” has 4,190,000 people looking for an audience and “Search Engine Optimization” has 30,400,000 contenders fighting for that keyword.

Sure you could jump into the fray and claim your tiny piece of the pie; and you should. However, don’t stop there!

While targeting the keyword “Search Engine Optimization” also go for other keywords like “Search Engine Optimization Consultants” or “Internet Marketing With Search Engine Optimization.” Simply put, find out which long-tail keywords work best for your project and include those as targeted keywords for your campaign.

While there are plenty of tools you can get to find keywords, it would be nice to have a resource that identified which long-tail keywords people were using to access your website. is just such a resource and my favorite one.

The best part is that it is free!

But more to the point the details that it provides you about your keywords are incredibly useful. HitTail stresses the importance of this tool for PPC, but it’s usefulness goes far beyond that. Not only can you add their suggestions to the precise page of keywords that they reference but also you could even write an article with that long-tail keyword being your focus. Simply put their resource benefits Search Engine Optimization in a number of ways that will be useful to most anyone that uses the tool.