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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Online Customer Relationship Marketing Gone Awry

Online customer relationship marketing is just as critical as it is for brick and mortar type businesses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that everyone agrees. Here is my own personal experience with an auto-responder company that I once used. Unfortunately, it is not as positive as I would prefer; but since it is my own experiences the company name will remain intact.

Personally, I think the software side of their package is the best on the market. However, recently while working with one of their technicians my website was taken completely out of service.

I called Get Response with panic in my voice and explained the situation. What was the Get Response response?


“Sorry?”, I replied. My website is out of commission. I need something more than “sorry.”

Nothing further was coming so I requested to speak with a manager. My Get Response response now? Perhaps not verbatim, but…

“We don’t allow that here”

I responded, “You don’t allow upset customers to speak to your managers?”

They replied with, “that’s correct”.

I calmly, though upset, requested my technician to put me on hold and go make sure that their manager was willing to risk losing a client account by not coming on the line. They did exactly that, only to confirm the response upon their return. As a result of their poor online customer service processes I immediately cancelled my account and contacted a different company for handling my auto-responder needs.

I do hope that Get Response has changed their policy on this process. You see, in my opinion it doesn’t matter how good of a software product you have put together if your online customer relationship marketing doesn’t match or better yet far exceed your applications abilities.