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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Power Of A Good Virtual Inbox

50 – 75 – 20 – 125

No we are not calling out the numbers of the latest football play. We are however fighting the constant war against the virtual inbox also known as E-Mail. Some days we all wish it would just “go away.” And then there are those rare occasions when we actual thank God for an E-mail we receive in our virtual inbox.

However, next time you are about to throttle your virtual inbox E-mail there are some key things you need to remember.

If you weed through all the virtual spam that people send our way you will find nuggets of gold in the form of newsletters and reader responses. For the most part, the newsletters you receive likely have something to do with your targeted niche. These contain gold if you only man them correctly.

What does correctly mean? Simple. You start out by actually reading the content of the newsletters and other E-mails you receive while paying special attention to those topics that fit tightly into your niche focus.

Every part of the newsletter is a new potential story. No, you will not simply copy and paste, but rather create a new story after you read the writing. How? Merge your current understanding of the niche topic together with the writing and “viola” you have your new story.

So, the first important thing that a good virtual inbox holds is a newsletter on the given niche you want to build your business upon.

Next, your virtual inbox also holds E-mails from clients in your niche industry that you don’t desire to lose contact with. These are the type of E-mails that could make your break your business.

Finally, each and every E-mail that addresses issues of concern to your niche target audience is a potential golden egg waiting to be found. All you need to do is create a unique spin on it, even if it is an advertisement; and away you go.

So before you curse your virtual inbox E-mail next time, remember it can be used as a resource even if winning the war against E-mail may never actually happen.