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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Use Blogger Blogs To Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber List

Do you have a website?
Do you have a blog?
If you have a website you need to have a blog too.


Simple, you can share link love between the two sites and as one increases in popularity the other one will do the same.

However, no matter if you have a website, blog, or forum one fact remains consistent. Without readers you ain’t got much! It’s even better if your web creative has a large volume of return readers. So, how do you get those return readers?

Simple. Highly targeted niche newsletters.

If you’ve been around the web for any time at all you already know the value of a newsletter. If not, just visit my forum on and I’ll be glad to answer any particular question you might have about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web 2.0 or what have you.

The purpose of this writing is to give you a simple secret of how to gain those readers from your blogger blog. I read an article recently that advised people how to build a blog subscribe page that people could go to and complete a newsletter sign-up. Good idea, but it requires too much work from your reader.

This article picks up where you already have your blogger blog, know how to get the code for your newsletter signup form, & are ready for more subscribers.

Go to the Layout section of your blogger blog.

Right above the section that references your “blog post” information you are going to add a gadget. Okay, you’ll probably have to add it on the side panel and drag it over to the top of the blog post section.

The gadget you want to add is the one titled HTML/JavaScript. Don’t worry, you don’t need any knowledge of code with this technique.

Go to your newsletter server (I recommend Aweber) and get the code needed to have people sign up for your newsletter. Copy/Paste that piece of code into your HTML/JavaSccript box. Save your work, and your done.

That’s it. Now every time anyone visits your blogger blog they will find your request to sign up for your newsletter. It doesn’t matter what page they are on as it will come up on each and every page like clockwork. With this technique your visitor only has to enter there name and e-mail to be successfully signed up for your newsletter.