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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Video’s – Boon Or Bust For E-Commerce?

I read an article today advising people to be careful of how and when they use video as content for their websites. And while I will agree that using videos as your only content is both risky and dangerous, I would contend that it is quite short sighted to say that videos are anything but excellent for a person’s website success.

To that end I would like to provide to major reasons that you need to use videos to achieve your dreams on the Internet.

First, it doesn't take much research to understand that in today's market backlinks are more valuable than swaplinks. With a back link, someone provides a link back to your website without thought of you linking back to them.

Done right you can have a multtude of backlinks created from videos just as is possible in article marketing or Web 2.0 strategies. While I would not encourage a person to rely just on video backlinks for their marketing efforts the value they add to the equation is without question.

Second, pulling several top similar videos together on a socical network like MySpace or Facebook helps you to build authority of a given niche topic. As people come to understand that you are an expert in the field especially if you add other content like writing, audio &/or pictures. Being recognized, as a niche expert can be nothing but good if you are looking for an audience. Perhaps that's why I created the viral video website concept which I would be more than glad to explain more about in E-mail.

With that said, video is critical to a website for successful Internet Marketing. It's also important for website content, but it's real value neither starts nor stops in the topic of content alone. However, as website content videos are important their as well as long as you keep 3 main things in mind.

1: Your video must have a professional image
2: Your video needs to be tightly focused upon your niche audience
3: Your video needs an end goal and purpose for being created