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Sunday, August 10, 2008

What’s In A Domain Name

Recently I was reading an article about One would think this to be a site about dogs or at least animals, but no. It’s actually a search engine type website like,, and/or at least in part are in their own right.

Come to think of it who came up with the name I can understand and as I believe these sites existed before their search engine aspect was even presented. But One of the chief rules of choosing a domain name is to make it fit for the topic at hand.

To that end people would know that is likely to relate to health someway and must have something to do with search engine optimization. But the name Google didn’t even exist in the dictionary prior to the release of their search engine according to

Main Entry: goo·gle
To use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web

Yet today is the leading search engine website in the industry.

One thing is clear. Both & broke a rule that you cannot afford to break. When choosing a URL be sure that it makes sense for your niche topic at hand. Sure you can build a following through name recognition like they have, but it’s the long steep road rather than the easier path in most every case.

Today, we hear the word and know immediately what it means. Five years ago that certainly was not the case. Along with name relevance to your niche make your domain name catchy like or It’s easy to remember those domain names as compared to

Therefore, while a domain name doesn’t mean everything to the product. It certainly is an important entity that you don’t want to forget about when selecting what domain name your new website will be built upon.