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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Video SEO Tips

Most everyone today knows that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains as important today as it ever was.


It is no secret how popular online multimedia is on today's web.

Is it possible to mix SEO with video and reach a positive outcome?


Let's look at some key video SEO tips that you can easily implement. There are other video tips to be sure, but our focus will be looking at tips that will combine the two concepts as one within this article.

*** Create A Video Profile ***

What is a video profile?

Many video directories give people the ability to actually create a profile on their system. An opportunity one loses by just using an automated video submission service like Traffic Geyser. Don't get me wrong; Traffic Geyser is an excellent tool to add to your Internet Marketing arsenal. However, when doing so it works to your great advantage to actually logon personally to the different video directories and personalize your profile.

Here's why.

People look at the online profiles of video directories just as much as they do with article directories like

Further, those profiles can and do include things like your name, what your about and perhaps most importantly a URL back to your website. Especially on those video directories that have a high Google page rank like YouTube, you want all the backlinks they will give you. Why pass up a free opportunity?

*** SEO optimized keywords ***

Doing offline marketing has the best success when there is a plan created around it. It's no different online.

That is why I recommend using to find out exactly what keywords people are using to reach your website. With that knowledge in hand you then use "bum marketing" techniques to find out the hottest long tail keyword available according to Google.

Next you create your video around that specific long tail keyword and make sure to optimize around those words when submitting your video.

To optimize a video you make sure of the following things. The long tail keyword is
* In the URL
* Set as a tag
* Within your description
* And put where else seems right within the given video directory

So yes, it's possible to SEO a video, which is why following the above video SEO tips, will help you succeed in marketing your multimedia successfully.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Do Social Bookmarking Directories Help SEO Rankings?

Our question for this article is…

Do Social Bookmarking directories help SEO rankings?

Of course they do, but I barely have time to get my article writings done let alone adding Social Bookmarking to the mix.

That was until a very simple paragraph I read on the Warrior Forum today.

In this article I will explain why Social Bookmarking (not to mention Social Networking) helps SEO and provide reference to another one that explains the process I learned today. Trust me, it will be a process that most anyone can follow.

However, I digress.

First SEO rankings refer to how search engines rank a website on their directories. This is often called Search Engine Optimization and is controlled by a number of factors including…

* Long tail keywords
* Meta & H1 tags (though maybe not as much as once upon a time)
* Niche content
* And, of course, backlinks among other things.

An excellent tool for measuring how you are doing on the search engines is SEO Elite. Not only do I personally use it on a daily basis, I recommend that you do the same.

A backlink is a link that a site gives to your website without requiring a reciprocal link. Which is exactly what happens when a Social Bookmarking site links back to your website.

Therefore, the more Social Bookmarking sites that are pointing your direction the better your rating will be on the search engines, especially if you have completed your other SEO tasks too.

However this does not mean that you want to run right out and post your entire website to…

* StumbleUpon
* Delicious

Or wherever. Actually, nothing will get you banned from the Social Directories faster than posting your website pages directly to them. Further, even if they do allow you to complete such activities, when someone finds your Social Bookmarks you will look like an egotistical maniac rather than someone who should be listened to and followed.

Therefore, Social Bookmarking directories "done right" do help SEO rankings because they provide backlinks to your website information.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Optimizing For Long Tail Keywords Is Critical

Long tail keywords

I read an article today that suggested optimizing for longtail keywords was a myth not to be followed.

Perhaps I would agree with them if I was not a first hand witness of this process taking my own articles to the first page of Google search engines within 24 hours.

I found it amusing that this article did not show on the first page when I searched on the term...


However when I did a search on the long tail combination of...

"organic seo myths"

It was in the #1 position of Google against 2,700 other competitors.

Don't get me wrong. The article had a lot of interesting points that it brought up. I just happened to disagree with myth #10.

Perhaps the authors point were not to avoid "long tail keyword" marketing but rather optimizing for those exact keywords would not be necessary. In either case I disagree with the final analysis.

Here's why...

As more people become familiar with the process of targeting long tail keywords I believe it will become more competitive. Therefore, if you only list the keyword once as suggested it will be easy to overtake a given position. Thus, not only would I optimize for each long tail keyword you select but I would also choose 1 or maybe 2 keywords per page as your focus rather than 15 or more like I see some sites doing.

I would include your long tail keyword in both your H1 & H2 tags (which happens to be another point of disagreement I had with the article I read). It doesn't take long in working with Keyword Elite and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Elite before the reason to target these tags becomes quite clear.

Also, I would include the exact long tail keyword only once at the beginning of your article and once at the end. Not to mention adding it to your keyword & description meta tags as well as the title tag for the page.

Not only does this optimize your page for specific long tail keywords, but it also clearly positions you as a force to be reckoned with if and when someone chooses to challenge you for your spot within a given long tail niche you happen to be targeting.

Friday, September 26, 2008

5 Ways To Viral Web Marketing Success

Why do people often think video when they talk of viral web marketing? Could it be because multimedia has done an excellent job of capitalizing on the viral marketing process? Yes, that could be it, but that simply leaves a world for you to reach using other viral approaches.

Let's look at several was of creating excellent viral marketing messages.

* Viral Videos
* Ebooks
* Cartoons
* Jokes
* Text messages

*** Viral Videos ***

Our first stop is to the creation of viral videos. I would imagine most everyone has gotten a link to a cool video in his or her inbox at one time or another. While the video may have taken some work to put together, creation of the multimedia was not the major focus of the creator. Rather getting you to consider that the work was done with enough…

* Emotion
* Charisma
* Uniqueness
* Or what have you

So that you will send the video to your friends and they in turn will watch it is the absolute key of the makes of a viral video marketing project.

*** Ebooks ***

Another excellent way of creating a viral product is through Ebooks. Electronic material is best made viral by creating high quality rich information that your target audience will find valuable enough to give to those who would be within the same focused industry. While it may take some time to put together such writings, once it is done it can be worth its weight in gold especially if you distribute it for free. While it's true your not going to become wealthy giving away your hard work, it will create brand awareness and you can include income producing links within your free Ebook.

*** Cartoons & Jokes ***

If you haven't yet received a viral video in your inbox, then surely you've seen text or graphical cartoons or jokes. Many people send these to one another just because. Imagine the results available if the picture included your URL in a visible but non-evasive position. Or perhaps your written joke referenced your website within the joke itself. The point here is that without much difficulty you can add a marketing message that everyone everywhere will be more than pleased to send throughout the web.

*** Text messages ***

As technology changes and builds upon itself the methods of distributing viral web marketing will morph accordingly. One of the best examples of this is using text messages through free services like where you are allowed to send text messages to other peoples cell phone devices.

*** Conclusion ***

No matter which process you use for your viral campaigns, be sure to use such processes, as they will help your Internet marketing endeavors in a large variety of ways. The more viral marketing you have on the web the higher the chances of massi5ve traffic being driven to your web creatives.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Using Traffic Geyser Online Profit Generator Advised?


The basic idea behind using Traffic Geyser is that you get your "viral" videos out to a variety of video & podcast directories fast.

That's good right?

No, that's bad!

While it's true that if you follow their principals you increase your chances of igniting an online profit generator, leaving everything to automation causes you to miss a world of opportunity.

What am I talking about? Wouldn't having quality videos throughout the Internet be an advantage rather than a disadvantage?

Yes. It would.

However, just like with the article directories many of these video directories have profiles that you need to complete. Then when you create an awesome video like the Bionic Burger you will find a number of people visiting that websites profile, which (when created) includes a variety of items depending on how the particular service developed their profile offerings.

Items like…
* Name (duh!)
* Picture (I like using a logo when allowed)
* "About me"
* URL – this is critical. You have the ability to put in 1, 2 or maybe more backlinks.

See, I'm not against using automated services like Traffic Geyser for video submissions or Article Submitter for article submissions. What I am against is failing to complete online profiles where they are available to be completed. If someone arrives at a blank profile how interested will they be in your offerings compared to if they find a nicely formatted profile that accompanies your video or article projects?

Image is everything. And a bad image can absolutely ruin your chances of success on the Internet. Therefore I would indeed recommend using traffic geyser for your online profit generator when it comes to broadcasting videos across the net. Just don't do it lazily by leaving a wake of uncompleted profiles lining your trail through the World Wide Web.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How To Build your Own Search Service

In the beginning there was nothing.

Zip... zilch... nadda... zero

Then Al Gore spoke and the Internet was created.

No one had much use for it until Google changed everything. Suddenly the World Wide Web graduated from Geekville and entered into the mainstream.

Google held the largest chunk of cyberspace until Web 2.0 concepts like Facebook & DIGG came of age. One would be ignorant to think that Social Networking & Bookmarking is not critically important in today's world.

What's next?


Thanks to Yahoo you can now Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) using Yahoo's new search engine creation utility. BOSS allows you to choose what is and is not relevant from search engine type results as well as information that can be obtained from the Web 2.0 networks.

The process is relatively straightforward and allows you to create a search source for…

* Content Searches
* Image Searches
* News Searches

It even provides spelling suggestions for you as you create your search engine. You can find out more information about this technology by visiting Yahoo's Developer Network page.

Websites that are currently using Yahoo's new utility include.

* HAKIA (Hakia is a new semantic search engine dedicated to quality.)
* Me.dium (A social search site helping you find what the crowds are looking for.)
* Daylife (Lets you launch a news portal in your own voice, brand and feel in minutes.)
* Cluuz (Real-time results based on patent pending semantic cluster graphs.)

Yahoo plans to introduce revenue sharing plans for those who want to profit from their developement in the future. The Internet sure has come a long way since it's early days. And now, thanks to Yahoo you can build your own search service.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How To Search The ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank. Does that word conjure up feelings of anger or pleasure? Whichever the case denying that ClickBank owns a good share of the online literature market would be kin to denying that the sun rises and sets each day.

I personally like ClickBank. Perhaps that is because I learned how to search the ClickBank Marketplace in the most efficient manner possible.

Let me explain.

When you logon to the marketplace section of ClickBank you are presented with a search box and lots of options.

* Category
* Keywords
* Product Type
* Show
* Subcat
* Sort By
* Language

Before we look at those categories it is import to note that like with most search boxes you don't need to complete every field before searching. However, the more accurate you the better your chance of finding what you are looking for.

*** Category, Subcat & Keywords ***

Basically, you narrow down exactly which ClickBank records will and won't be searched with this selection. If your keyword is already niched then this might not be necessary, but what if you wanted to search on a more general word like "secret"

I just did that and found results in 3 different categories.
* Dieting
* Marketing
* Dogs
Just to name a few.

*** Show & Language ***

These two are pretty straightforward.

Two different "languages" are available from the ClickBank material.
* English
* Spanish

"Show" simply refers to how many results would you like to have on one page. The more you have on a page the slower that page will load. However, you will have to click to the next screen much more if you leave the display results low.

*** Product Type ***

This is an easy toggle to miss but a very valuable option to use. Basically you are telling ClickBank that you want recurring payments verse one-time payments from the vendor. Lining yourself up with a recurring project is not a bad idea since you receive payment each month for as long as the purchaser chooses to use the service.

*** Sort By ***

In my opinion this is the best part of the ClickBank search box. It's also probably the most overlooked. Simply put, it gives you the ability to organize your searches by whichever option you want to target your ad around.

* Popularity (the default)
* High Gravity
* Low Gravity
* $ Earned/Sale
* % Earned/Sale
* Future $
* Total $/Sale
* % Referred

Depending on how you want your results returned you will search by the above options. There are whole books written on this subject. Blogging To The Bank is probably my favorite.

With this information in hand you to will know how to search the ClickBank Marketplace.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

How To Use Drupal To Build Niche Content

In my last article I examined why I would not use Drupal. Though the article was very negative on Drupal, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet.


Simple, you'd be selling yourself short.

At first glance Drupal appears to be a compilation of savvier web masters who have been brought together to collaborate on their different projects as a single entity.


As such, the hope would be that they understand the difference between fluff and valuable content that keeps their readers returning on a regular basis. Of course, my initial assessment could be wrong, that you will have to make the final decision upon.

In any case you can easily use Drupal as an information-gathering tool for most any project without even having an account. Simply type your desired keyword in their search box and select "search". In moments you will have relevant results returned to your browsers window for you to investigate and rate in further detail.

Not only will this give you ideas to capitalize upon, but you will also see first hand what others in your given industry are up to within the Drupalsphere.

But why stop there?

Drupal has a Google PR7 rating on their front page. Since backlinks are an essential part of an Internet Marketers package why not create an account and open new forum topics for people to interact with?

Here's the process once you've confirmed your account creation via your Email Inbox. (Things on the Internet change, thus if my directions are not accurate for you Drupal changed that not me.) The basic process should remain the same unless they do a major revision.

* Look for blue list of items on the right you can choose to do once you logon to your account.
* Select "create content" from the above list.
* Select "forum topic" from the 3 options provided.
* Complete the form that displays.

You might want to check out the other options provided by Drupal after creating your forum topic.

Even if you do not choose to create a forum topic replying to an open forum with high quality relevant information and a link in your signature provides you with a Google PR7 or above. That in and of itself is reason to use Drupal.

Whatever the case you now know how to use Drupal to build niche content for your website or blog.

Website Navigation Tips

Your doing great!
Keep up the good work!
This is perfect!

Everyone loves to hear praise about what they are doing. It let's you know that you are on the right track and moving forward. Such is indeed the case as it relates to Internet Marketing. Thus after reading the following website visitor response I set out to write an article on website navigation tips.

"Sorry but your web site is very confusing, I can't seem get a straight answer or article. There are too many options, with too many obstacles.

Do you have a simplified page, or a way to make this visit less challenging and time consuming?"

-- YV


All my work?
All my effort?
And the result is, that they are right!

Do you know that their Email was worth 100% gold as compared to most compliments?


This reader has taken the time to respond. That tells me that they see hope and potential where disappoint currently resides.

The reader has shared critical feelings on the frustrations of visitors. Thus if I correct there website navigation problems there is a tremendous likelihood that I will be helping out countless other people at the same time.

Even with the bad report on my navigation YV took the time to join my newsletter list. Yet another vote in my favor with a plea to make navigation easier to, well for lack of better words, navigate.

So my obvious task was to make my website easier for YV (and who knows how many other people) to navigate. Here's good advice to follow when putting together your own website navigation.

*** Prepare navigation structure before website***

In my case it's to late. Fortunately I have prepared the navigation as people get into the heart of the site. But that's not going to do much for those who enter through my front page. My only option is to redesign part of my site. A mission I will indeed be embarking upon right after I write this article.

*** Clean cut uniform navigation bar ***

Fortunately, this I have already done. So building it into the front pages will be relatively painless. There's nothing worse than a navigation bar that keeps changing what's where. That confusion will lead to people leaving your website fast.

*** Be flexible in your navigation design ***

Plan for the future or it will take time to bring your site back from the past. Especially if your website is content intensive like the one I'm building. If "content is king" on the Internet (and it is) then "navigation must be queen" since a poor navigation system will not bring you many return visitors.

*** Use trusted tools to make your site shine ***

OddCast Characters: There is an expense though it be nominal considering the value of this software. It's interactive and entertaining. OddCast provides people the ability to search for things directly from your website. And, if you become an affiliate partner (no charge) you can earn money by referring other people to their resources. OddCast is definetly at the top of my own wish list, and if you are serious about making a living on the Internet it should be at the top of yours also.

Google Search: It's free. You can add the code relatively painlessly. People are provided with the ability of searching for information directly from your website. And, you can make money from your visitors using Google Search from your website.

*** Wrap-Up ***
The art of creating navigation menus that work is indeed a talent to be studied. However, if you follow the above website navigation tips you'll be well on your way to happy visitors checking out your site offerings.

Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog


Yet another Social Networking WEB 2.0 tool for you to use to promote your blog or website. I just finished a YouTube video that told how to make comments on Twitter as well as add a side widget to watch comments that others are making. Both ideas are really good advice.

Here's how to use Twitter to promote your blog by writing articles.

Assuming that you have already written your article (my favorite method is bum marketing) and posted your article to your blog or website in this article we look at what to do with it next.


If you are going to use you need to set it up. This includes creating an account, completing your profile and setting up all the settings to your preferences. Be sure to include a relevant picture to your campaign purposes.

My own personal Twitter handle is SEOGuy2. If you are interested in topics related to Internet Marketing I encourage you to join my community.


With your article in hand and twitter profile setup it's time to "feed the bird". I personally use for this part of the process. Which means the next step is for you to create an account with Ezine Articles.

Many people make the mistake of creating an account, adding it to their automated article submission tool & considering it a job well done. In my opinion it is a job half done. I'm not against automated article submission services to be sure, but they do tend to encourage people to miss the greater advantages of article directories like


Are you aware that many article directories allow you to create a profile on their service? It's true. But Ezine Articles does one better than that, which is why I know their article directory is in my top 10 list.

Okay, with your account created navigate to your personal bio under the profile manager. Here you are able to add your URL's to various areas including Twitter.

Here's the best part.
"If you have a account, we can automatically update your status when your articles are approved."

Which means that as you write and the articles are posted on they are automatically posted to Twitter at the exact same time. I call that a 2 for one process which is easy to setup.

I also call it the best how to use Twitter to promote your blog or website process that I know of. Like I said, there are ways to be successful with, but this is the best as it is a completely hands free process that is available for all to use.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stepping Into The Blogosphere

Is this the part where I'm supposed to put on that eerie music and say...

We control the horizontal.
We control the vertical.
Do not attempt to adjust your computer screen.

Or not.

After all, stepping into the blogosphere really doesn't have to be that scary. Don't get me wrong; it will take work and lots of it to be successful in the blogosphere. You see...


Yes you, on the right, 3rd seat back. Yes you, the one who was whispering to your neighbor. Do you care to share your conversation with the rest of us?

What is the blogosphere?

What an excellent question. Let's break it down.

A blog is a web source you use to publish tightly niched articles together as one in a way that other people are able to comment on them.

A sphere is like a round ball or the world.

No the world is not flat, enough bird walking let's get back to the topic.

If you combine a blog and a sphere together as one you arrive at a community of blogs sharing links with one another in a sphere type form which creates the blogosphere.

Yes, yes a blogosphere is flat as it is only a graphical representation of what is taking place in virtual reality.

Now, if you use a blogging tool like…


You have the basis for creating your blog where you will be publishing your articles. My own personal favorite is because it's free and really has all the resources I need to succeed.

I see are time is about up for this session. Tomorrow we will be examining how the blogosphere can be used to build Internet Marketing businesses through tools like

* Article directories
* Automated newsletters
* Classified Advertising

Please be prompt, we have a lot to cover as we begin stepping into the blogosphere.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Pay Per Click Advertising

Okay, I admit. This article is not about free pay per click advertising.

It's actually better than that.

Are you aware that people pay to show up on the right panel and very top of Google search pages? Actually depending on the keyword they pay rather handsomely to get those positions.

I say let them pay for the placements while I take prominent spaces for free.

What's that?


Ahhh, that's easy. I combine article marketing with bum marketing while adding a heavy dose of web writing.

What exactly I mean by web writing I covered in my partner article to this writing titled Get Free Google Pay Per Click Ranking Results.

As far as article marketing, do me a favor. Don't run out and get the latest article directory submitter. At least not until you've had a chance to logon to the major article directories and enter your profile information. Besides, that's an extra backlink or two or three even before you begin submitting your articles.

Once that is done to your satisfaction, it is then time to use an automated article submission tool. But why get just any tool for this when you can have the best. My personal preference is Article Submitter. You are welcome to make a mistake with a different article submission software application if you wish.

That leaves us with bum marketing which happens to be one of my pet subjects to write about lately. Especially since it produced a page one placement on Google in less than 24 hours just this last week. If I were you I'd join my newsletter and check out the bum marketing articles for yourself.

However, I'm not you so let me cut to the case.

* You choose a keyword. "Christmas"

* Find out how many competitors you have. "443,000,000 at time of this writing"

* Narrow your competitors by looking at the results. "The History Of Christmas = 34,500 results"

* You want your result to be between 1000 & 5000 competitors. "Christmas Celebrations Around the world"

* You started with a very broad topic of "Christmas" and ended with a niched down topic of "Christmas Celebrations Around the world" which is easy to write an article around because you know exactly what to write.

This has been a quick and easy review of how to get free pay per click advertising. There certainly is more to this puzzle, but this is indeed a rough sketch that will help to get you started.

Successful Viral Web Marketing Tips

So you want to be a viral marketer.


Perhaps because you've heard how powerful word of mouth advertising can be?

That would be a good reason. However, before you get started here are several successful viral web marketing tips I would recommend for you to follow.

First, build your project around a bum marketing principal. While this article will not expand on the benefits of bum marketing it is worth researching the concept to learn more on exactly how it works.

Second, make your viral marketing project rich with resources that are valuable to your niche target audience. It is only logical that the more valuable you make your project the more likely people will be to hand your information around to other people whom they know that are in the same niche.

Third, use the right tools to get your project out to the industry.

* Social Networking
* Niched newsletters
* Article directories

And the list goes on.

Following the above concepts you end up with a highly niched product with rich content that your target audience will be pleased to create a viral wave around. Just remember to cover the basics in the process.

* Good grammar
* Good spelling

It doesn't need to be perfect, but at least run spell check before going public with your project.

Follow these viral web marketing tips and watch your project blow a gasket of success on the Internet.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finding Target Market

You have a niche.
You have a product.
But you don't have the traffic, at least not as much as you would like to have.

So what is the process of finding target market audiences that match your selected niche?

Many would tell you to do PPC. But that's expensive. I wonder if it is there way of discouraging you so that they would have a bigger field to reach. Some people are unfortunately selfish like that. Believe me, there is room enough for everyone to improve their finances on the Internet.

And then there are those who would say that you have to be busy with…

* Article marketing
* Social networking
* Classified advertising

And the list goes on.

I don't disagree with this group, but many present it in such an overwhelming way that people drown beneath all the information.

Of course there are those who talk about this or that "black hat" method as the answer. I suppose you could follow them, just keep in mind that sooner or later you will be caught and banned leaving a trail of dust in the place of all your hard work.

That's not my style.

So how do you reach the niche you are looking to connect with?

Two words come to mind and they are "bum marketing."

In short, "bum marketing entails having Google tell you what needs to be expanded upon according to the number of competitors you do or do not have in a given area. It also hones down your article so that it reaches a specific audience. Here's an example.

For the moment let's presume you are interested in an article about E-mail newsletters.

Would you be more interested in reading an article titled?
"Email newsletter"
"How to write Email newsletters"

With the 2nd option you know exactly what to expect in the article. The strange thing is there are so many people who do not follow this simple "bum marketing" strategy to succeed with their article marketing. You can even apply "bum marketing" to classified advertising and the ad practically writes itself.

So what is the process of finding target market audiences? You can choose the expensive option of "bum marketing" or the underhand strategies of "black hats" if you wish. For me, I'll use ""bum marketing" and it's various strategies to continue dominating the 1st pages of Google on the long tail keywords that my niche target finds important.

Also read...

Exactly How To Create A Resource Box That Works

Do you believe in the power of article writing?

I do!

Even without a good resource box you receive backlinks from highly ranked websites which drive your search engine rankings ever upward.

However, the best part of article marketing is the resource box, so why miss out on the benefits of good resource boxes? Especially if you paid hard earned money to purchase an automated article submission software package.

I can't think of one good reason. Therefore, this article will tell you exactly how to create a resource box that works.

*** THE NAME ***
I can't tell you how important it is for you to use your name (even pen name) in your resource box.

Some article directories even provide your author name at the top if one is given. The power of name recognition should indeed be self-evident.

Without giving your name many of the best article directories on the web like won't even publish your article since they cannot prove the authentic nature of the material.

That's why I invariably start my resource boxes out by providing my name. I learned the hard way so that you don't have to.

*** THE LURE ***
Presumably, if you are writing an article while including an author box you have something to promote be it a website, blog or whatever. This is where you do exactly that.

Many people will tell you to hyperlink the actual keywords you are targeting. This works fine for some article directories but not all take such code in their resource boxes.

That's why I prefer to provide the lure and get to the hyperlink in my next step. Let's say I wrote an article about "Automated Article Submission Software".

First, I don't settle with writing only one article but I write two that are similar but totally different styles.

Then, right after the name I add something like...
===> Read more about "Automated Article Submission Software @

*** THE LINK ***
If your reader has read through your material and now is reading your resource box you know you have caught their attention. Since they have read one article by you it is quite plausible to expect them to read another one that is of similar scope.

So after the above step I simply put the URL for where to find the other article. The trick is to name the file the same as the title while including the keyword preferably long tail keyword) in both areas. That way when you add the link to the file you are hyperlinking the keywords that you are targeting as well as your domain name which should be another niched keyword for the website you are building.

In my case the domain name contains "Search Engine Optimization" - Definite words I want to niche for and the title of this article would be ""Automated Article Submission Software" which is highly niched for this specific article within that domain. The result is a 2 for the price of 1 keyword link strategy.

*** THE CLOSE ***
I mentioned earlier that I write two different articles and then link them together. That is indeed exactly what I do. What I didn't say above is that I post one article to my blog and the other to my website before linking them. Then instead of linking to the root of my blog or website I go to the exact page that these items are on and link those specific pages together.

Search Engines love lower level links much more than root level links.

Readers love not having to search for what they want to find.

You'll love the results of pleasing both the search engines and your readers at the same time.

*** SUMMARY ***
Writing a resource box is relatively easy as long as you keep the above steps in mind. I've heard about other things a person can provide like...

* Your physical contact information
* A free report
* Your email autoresponder link
* And the like

But given that many directories only allow for 2 maybe 3 links. Why not keep it simple clear and concise while allowing your readers to explore your web creatives themselves?

That's why, no matter if I'm using an automated article submission software or not I keep it simple when approaching my own dilemmas of how to create a resource box.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Google Sites Free Website building Tool

I love Google.

Yup, perhaps you don't find as much appreciation for Blogger as I do. From the tools I've used with Google they are always crystal clear and easy to use. Okay, perhaps AdWords is the exception, but as the rule goes Google is easy to use.

Now they are releasing a free website building tool. Introducing the new Google Sites for quick and easy website development.

Google Sites is replacing the older Google Pages website building option.

Why is Google going through all the trouble of introducing a brand new tool for building websites?

After all, Google Pages allowed people to…
* Create new pages
* Add URL's
* Format your document in HTML
* I even added videos to my Google Pages but not without a great deal of trouble

Google Sites on the other hand allows people to…
* Create rich web pages easily
* Collect all related information into one place
* Control who can view & edit the site
* Plus most everything that was available from Google Pages

Here's what software developer Scott Griepentrog from had to say about Google sites.

"Google Sites is the best thing to hit the web since Google Apps. For a long time I'd been wanting a way to have a more private area, where others could still contribute without having to give them full administrative privileges to my domain - and Sites fits the bill and then some. I've used it to support many varied activities including private notes and conversations with clients, keeping track of my home schooled children's assignments and homework, letting them create their own web pages, collaborating with others on content for books and engineering designs, and even sharing pictures of our new dog with my family. It's easier and faster than a wiki, I can control who can see or contribute to a given site, and it's just downright fun to use! Thank you Google!"

I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, given a review like Scotts. I'm going to be checking into the brand new Google sites free website building tool.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why You Must Set Priorities To Succeed

* You have a goal
* You have a dream
* You have a vision

But how in the world will you ever find the time?

I learned the hard way that you must set priorities to succeed.

I've long wanted to break into the world of writing.

I remember purchasing a course from Writer's Digest (TWICE!!!!), but it never amounted to much. The failure certainly wasn't in their material for it looked really good. However, my ability to set it as a priority stank!

Add that to the number of websites I have built over the years that haven't gone where I wanted them too and you come up with a frustrating experience.

By the way, the problem with the websites was not design or time. I could spend numerous hours on design of the different projects without a problem. Finding time to market what I had built was a horse of a different color. I simply didn't believe in myself, perhaps I didn't even want to believe in myself. I do not know.

Over the years, one thing became perfectly clear.

No matter how…

* many promises I made (to myself and others such as spouses)
* many E-books I read (trust me, ClickBank knows my credit card number)
* websites I built

My aspirations would never amount to much unless I

(1) Made the time
(2) Believed in myself

Today, I am managing several different successful websites. I chose to change. Was it easy? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? For me, that question would be answered to the affirmative.

The question now becomes, what are your formidable hurdles that seem unattainable?

* Kids?
* Attitude?
* Purpose?

Whatever they are, you really can do it. But you will need to put aside the reasons why not before you find success in the reasons why. You must set priorities to succeed.

Free Google Pagerank Checker Tool

I started research for this article wondering why I would want a free Google pagerank checker tool when I can get the same information from the Google bar. The first few page ranking tools I reviewed didn't sway my opinion much.

Then I found a nice utility that changed my mind.

*** Strike One ***
It didn't change my mind because of its ability to look up single URL ratings. I can do that by just going to the website and using the utility that Google already has in place.

*** Strike Two ***
There are many nice things about this part, such as a variety of different options to choose from.

However, if I have a very low PR I certainly wouldn't want to advertise that fact.

Further, one can never be completely sure with what they are installing when they install someone else's widgets. In most cases this is not an issue, but it certainly is something to keep in mind when putting someone else's code on your website.

*** Home Run ***
While I'm not to interested in a single page look up tool and installing their code on my website doesn't make a great deal of sense; this third option more than made up for what the other two were lacking.

Simply put, this utility allows you to check 25 different URL's at exactly the same time.

I tried it with 3 of the sites I manage and the answer was both accurate and fast in coming. While working on my laptop I have learned to be patient, but their was no reason to wait for the results with page ranking tool.

Plus, if I can get such quick results with 25 URL's, I can certainly trust that a single URL will return results very quickly too.

*** Score Wrap ***
* Single lookup tool doesn't impress me much.
* Installing foreign code on my website doesn't interest me much.
* Being able to find the rating of 25 different websites instantly. Now your talking.

What's that?

Where is the free Google pagerank checker tool located at?

Glad you asked. You can find it at Check out how their "fake pagerank checker" works while visiting.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start Generating Traffic To Your Blog

People love highly niche related blogs.
Search engines love blogs focused on a target market.
Even your website loves the blog it is connected to.

So you really only have one choice.

Build a blog!

You can have a blog up and going within a couple hours tops. I know, because I do it frequently.

However, just building a blog is not enough. You also need to start generating traffic to your blog else all you really have is an electronic paperweight.

*** Be Creative ***
One of the best ways to get that traffic you are looking for is by writing articles. I've tried this process with and without the bum marketing concept included. I've learned the hard way that it's much easier to compete against 1500 different entries than it is 23 million. Further, while I would indeed use an article submitting software, I would also logon to all the key article directories that I want to use and setup profiles where that option is made available.

*** Hug A Blogger ***
I got this idea from Ankesh Kothari's blogclout blog, and I recommend you follow it.

First, find other blogs related to your niche audience using Technorati and get involved with them. Don't market to these other blogs, but rather provide valuable responses to their posts.

Second, go the extra mile by sending them a snail mail thank you postcard. Postcards don't cost a great deal and the potential joint venture opportunities that may open up as a result far exceeds any expenses you may have had to dole out.

You can use DomainTools to find out the physical address of a domain name owner. And a great postcard processing service for you to use would be Sendoutcards. If you received a pleasant postcard in the mail related to your blog or website, how interested would you be in finding out more about the person who sent it? Once you discovered that they were legit what's the chances that you would want to do business with them?

This one really isn't rocket science.

*** Develop Guest Appearances ***
Let's say you have found a blog that fits perfectly with your niche audience. You like the style of writing used by the other blog owner. Why not offer that blogger to be an author on your blog? Perhaps they will return the offer. Either way, you have a guest speaker that livens up your blog.

I know, you prefer to hear your own voice on your blog. After all, it's your blog right.

One word, interactive.

Besides, if the other writer has a large following theirs a good chance that they may tell their readers about your blog and that can't be anything but good.

These are 3 ways to start generating traffic to your website. Other ways do exist. But these will definitely get you headed down the right road.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Easy Article Marketing Strategy

I love Bum Marketing. It really makes so much sense. You deliver to the search engines exactly what they are looking for and nothing else. The long-term affects this has on your website rankings is unquestionable.


There is a little known secret that can be applied to Bum Marketing that will supercharge your efforts.

*** SETUP ***
First, you need to have a basic website and blog setup.

If you are in need of a domain host I would use

As for blog tools, two of the most popular are…

* (my favorite)

It really doesn't matter which blog software you use as long as you build yourself a blog that you can post articles to.

*** POSTING ***
Using Bum Marketing write two articles, post one to your website and one to your blog.

The articles need to be related to each other for best results. It's not likely that an article for a Vegetarian will work well with an article talking about the best ways to cook a steak.

*** LINKING ***
Now that the two articles are written and posted hyperlink both of them together in a way that one references the other. The chances of someone being interested in reading another writing on the same niche topic after taking the time to read the first one are quite good. What's more, search engines will definitely notice that people are moving between the two resources and reward you handsomely as a result.

NOTE: Be sure to link to the actual article page on your blog rather than just the main page of your blog.

You will indeed reap the benefits if you add this easy article marketing strategy to other article writing tactics like bum marketing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 Steps To Internet Marketing Techniques That Work

You've built your website.

You have an awesome product with a compelling sales message.

There's only one thing you lack. Yup, you guessed it. Traffic! Lot's and lot's of traffic.

And without traffic you are finished before you ever begin. That's why you need to use Internet marketing techniques that work when promoting your website.

You have probably heard the old adage…

"Fail to plan and plan to fail"

Never is that truer than on the Internet. But when you consider all the possible options available…

* Writing articles
* Blogging
* Social Networking
* Forums
* Social Bookmarking
* And the list goes on and on and on

The whole idea of building an Internet business can become as overwhelming as attempting to leap a tall building in a single bound (and we're not talking Lego's). The only way I know of not burying yourself under mounds of work is to create a plan of attack.

(1) Determine how long you have to work on Internet marketing in a given day. Be realistic, if your schedule will only allow for 30 minutes then set it for 30 minutes every day like clockwork. Of course, the more you invest into your business the more you can expect from it in the long run.

(2) Decide what method you will focus on (right now, my focus is mainly on writing articles, though I realize there will come a day when I need to get more involved with Social Networking).

(3) Spend a little time each day improving upon what you have created even if it's only 15 minutes. Search engines love websites that are never really finished. No matter what niche you are in there is always something more you can do to improve upon what you have created. Therefore, add something of interest to your audience whatever that might be.

In closing, if you…

* determine to stick to your schedule.
* decide on your own personal course to success (I recommend considering article writing).
* develop your website into a place that your niche audience loves

then you will be will on your way to success with this 3 steps to Internet marketing techniques that work process. You can realize your dreams, but it will indeed take work to do so.

Safety Concerns About MySpace Growth Continues


Whose space is it anyway?

No matter what you think of MySpace, MySpace growth continues. Some reports I've heard say it's double the size of Google, while others say that sites like FaceBook are even bigger than MySpace.

Whatever the case, many are concerned about how safe MySpace is or is not, and they should be. However, making such blatant statements as…

"Thanks to MySpace, our family is feuding amongst each other."

… is really over the top in my opinion.

Sure, MySpace can be a haven for bad things happening to good or naïve people. But so can the grocery store, public school, outdoor park or even a telephone. The issue is not about MySpace or the Internet, but rather a morally bankrupt society that has lost direction and focus on the right way to do things.

Comments to this same article identify the problem with MySpace as being primarily one of poor parental guidance.

"It's a parent's job to monitor what his or her kid(s) do online."

"If you think its wrong don't let your daughter do it."

In a way I would agree with these statements, but the issue really is much deeper than parents controlling what their children do and do not do. For example, why has the sexual predator deemed it okay to pursue their unhealthy desires in the first place? What have we as a society and culture neglected to acknowledge that could lead a person to deeming this as an okay approach to take?

Is it our lack of "real" discipline for those who are caught breaking the law?

Has are largely hands off policy communicated the message that consequences do not follow actions be they good or bad?

While it may indeed be the parent's responsibility to lovingly nurture their children, removing ourselves from the equation while pointing at them is far from the honest truth. One thing seems certain. MySpace growth continues to exceed some people's expectations while the whole concept of Web 2.0 technologies really is just getting under way. Therefore, it seems clear to me that the choice we are left with is one of regaining the moral ground we have lost or continue to watch our society degenerate from the inside out just as some predicted would happen in the not to distant past.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My 3 Favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs

If you've been interested in Internet Marketing for any time at all the term "affiliate marketing" should not be unfamiliar to you. According to Wikipedia it is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts.

Today, I would like to tell you what my own personal 3 favorite affiliate marketing programs are and why.

#1: USFreeAds

USFreeAds is my newest favorite affiliate program.

With their system a person just has to have a need to place an ad. That goes far beyond Internet Marketing by encompassing partically everyone in the world. However, with their system you can still target your information to specific geographical locations. If you're looking for the best classified ad system look no further thank USFreeAds. However, since this article is about affiliate marketing I'll leave investigating the actual tool up to you.

USFreeAds has a 40% commission 2 tiered residual affiliate marketing program. Let's break that down…

"40% commission"
You receive 40% of all sales from people you refer that use any of the paid services of USFreeAds.

"2 Tiered"
You receive 5% of all sales volume for every referal that signs up and begins using either USFreeAds gold or premium services.

Other programs allow you to earn once and then your done. With USFreeAds you earn each and every month someone renews their account or requests one of the paid services that USFreeAds has.

"Affiliate Marketing Program"
Considering that the premium membership is only $10 per month, the service of USFreeAds really make sense. Yes 40% of $10 is not a large payout, but considering the number of people who would potentially want to use these classified advertising services this is an opportunity you really don't want to miss. Afterall 40% of $10 times 250 active participants does equal $1000. Also, I think you will agree that the system practically sales itself.

#2: Aweber

If you have a website and you want repeat visitors then you need to give people a reason to return. One of the best ways to do that is to promote yourself within your own E-mail newsletter. My opinion is that the #1 best service for automating this entire process is Aweber. Be sure to check out their free test drive option when investigating this program further.

AWeber offers a 20% commission 2 tier residual income opportunity.

For explanations of what "2 tier" & "residual" mean please refer to the information under USFreeAds.

"20% commission"
This works just the same as USFreeAds 40% commission while decreasing your actual earnings to only 20%. While that's less money, Aweber pays you more per account so it really does balance out in the end.

#3: GoDaddy

I've unsuccessfully used quite a number of service providers to build my website empires. It wasn't until I found that I actually came home to what for me was the best service provider on the Internet bar none. GoDaddy really is a one stop shop for all your Internet activities. However, what you may not have known is that they have an affiliate program that you really do wan to check out.

Earn up to $105 per hosting sale and 20% commission on GoDaddy's other great products.

While you miss the residual earnings as well as the tiered structure options, products sales themselves while putting money automatically into your bank account.

So there you have it. My own personal 3 favorite affiliate marketing programs. There are others but these are my top picks.

Creating Google Sitemaps

The hardest part of building a website is not…

* The programming code
* The navigation menu
* Or even deciding what the website will be about

Nope. The hardest part of building a website is generating high quality niched traffic to your web pages. That's exactly where creating Google sitemaps come in so handy.

What is a site map you ask?

Here are 3 people's conceptions of what a site map is.

* "A page which contains an organized listing of links to all pages within the website"

* "An alternate method, and quickly becoming the preferred method, of letting the Search Engine Spiders know about all the pages in your site"

* "A hierarchical list of web pages that belong to a site."

Simply put, if you are interested in search engines finding every part of your website (and who isn't?); then you need to have a sitmap as part of your internet marketing strategy.

But how to you build a Google sitemap?

First, access…
Enter your URL in the sites box and allow some time for Google to get you setup.

When you see the hyperlinked word "add" under the "sitemap" category select it.

Tell Google what type of sitemap you are looking for and complete their small form.

Download the CSV file so that you can upload it onto your site after you have entered in all the URL's. Yup, you heard me right. You are going to enter in every single URL of your website. Not a big deal if your website only has 10 or so pages, but what if it's like mine and has 100's of pages or undergoes extensive growth? That's quite a project, and that's why I use the automated services offered from

Once you've uploaded your site with all it's URL's in place your done creating your Google sitemaps. Now the rest is up to the search engines and it can take them sometime to stop by and pay you a visit, but when they do they will have clear instructions on exactly where every single page of your website is.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Reasons To Advertise On USFreeAds

Online classified advertisements can be very affective ways of reaching an audience who is actively interested in exactly what you have to offer. If you do a Google search on the term "online classified advertisements" you will have over 4 million results returned. However, for me picking the needle out of that haystack is easy when you find out about why to advertise on USFreeAds.

USFreeAds offers 3 levels of membership

* Free
* Gold
* Premium

When I got started with USFreeAds I signed up for their "free" membership to start with so I could kick the tires and check things out. I'd recommend the same for you and you will quickly discover why I moved to a premium account at my first opportunity.

Not only do they…

* Provide an easy to understand interface for posting your ad
* A graphical interface that allows up to 12 pictures to be placed
* URL's that lead people to your website or, get this, even directly to your affiliate offers

But USFreeAds also pays you up to 40% per referral that goes beyond the free account status. And that's not just once, but over and over again as long as your referral remains a paid member with USFreeAds. I call that sweet!

With a free account you are very limited and can only have 2 ads running at any given time. I tried posting a business related ad and received an E-mail that I would not be able to do this until I upgraded to a paid member. Considering that you can become a gold level paid member for only $10 per year I say it's worth it.

After all, the gold membership provides you with…

* The ability to run 25 ads at any one time
* Ad renewal each month as desired
* Ability to place commercial and affiliate ads

But why settle for that when a premium account that only costs $9.99 per month offers you all of the above gold account options plus…

* Unlimited ad placement opportunities (not just 25 ads like the gold account)
* Automated ad renewal on a monthly basis
* Ad up to 12 pictures instead of just 1 with the gold account
* Generate a product catalog for your viewers
* Priority placement over free and gold members
* Thumbnail images displayed in your search results
* And much much much more

If you need exposure for what you are working with how could it not make sense to make money while using what I believe is the best online classified advertisement system available? Bottom line, advertise on USFreeAds. It just makes sense.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aweber Review

Internet Marketing success is in the list!

And it is.

Therefore, shouldn’t you use the best listing building service on the Internet? I think so, and that’s why I use Aweber. Here’s why my research brought the Aweber review to the top of my own personal list of autoresponder services.

While there are areas where I believe Aweber could improve, I’ve not found a list building service that surpasses what the Aweber system provides.

In a nutshell these are the services that they offer to any Internet Marketer that chooses to utilize their services.

* E-mail newsletter services
* Instant autoresponder generator
* Blog broadcasting options

Simply put, Aweber supercharges your list building opportunities though perhaps not any better than any other service on the market. In my opinion (AKA SEOGuy) the best part of Aweber is their customer support. I’ve dealt with other autoresponder services that I will never work with again which are supposed to be leading edge products. Sure, their product was good and the price wasn’t bad; the reason I will remain loyal to Aweber is because their customer support is better than any one else’s.

Aweber support includes…

* Online chat
* E-mail support
* Telephone troubleshooting
* And a plethora of self-help articles that are very well written.

Plus, if you ever need to speak to a manager they are readily available. Believe it or not, my own experience with other similar services did not find the same success.

Considering the potential value of a newsletter their service is really not that expensive. However, with their free test drive trail you don’t even need to worry about the cost. The Aweber test drive puts you in the driver seat of holding your own Aweber review before ever putting a dime out to the automation services they provide with excellence.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Where To Submit Your Article

Article marketing.

If your not doing it, you are missing out on some of the best Internet marketing opportunities available on the web.

Oh sure you can…
* SEO your website
* Use social networking & bookmarking
* Place free ads
But don’t miss the opportunities that only article marketing provides.

With that said let’s look at where to submit your article for optimum results.

Don’t miss the words about why you need to use more than just an article submitter for your article marketing at the end of this article.

With that said, let’s begin.

First, I’ve been using a brand new service of late. It’s different than anything I’ve seen before and in my opinion quite effective.

* With HowHub you use their simple interface to build a one of a kind “how-to” article that others can reference. You really need to check their services out considering that they are also the creators of which is one of the leading article directories to submit to.

With that said lets turn to…


Here’s the list:


NOTE: Be sure to read the closing comments to find out how to easily find 5 more top recommended article directories.

If you’re serious about marketing your articles to the Internet you don’t want to miss posting to the above article directories. There are good article directories and there are great article directories. The one’s listed above are the great article directories. Now let’s look at 10 more good article directories to post your writings at.

(No logon requried, hence no profile section)

(No logon requried, hence no profile section)

(No logon requried, hence no profile section)


(No logon requried, hence no profile section)




(No logon requried, hence no profile section)


If you would like 15 more places where to submit your article collections read The Best Article Directory List Strategy.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking something like “with all the work I just gave you how could you possibly think of 15 more article directories?”

And you’re right, though if I were in your shoes I would use the tool called Article Submitter for more than one reason. But I would not start using an automated service without first logging into the above accounts and setting up profiles for your readers to review. Especially since you can provide backlinks within your profile and one can never have enough backlinks from high quality websites.