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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Reasons To Advertise On USFreeAds

Online classified advertisements can be very affective ways of reaching an audience who is actively interested in exactly what you have to offer. If you do a Google search on the term "online classified advertisements" you will have over 4 million results returned. However, for me picking the needle out of that haystack is easy when you find out about why to advertise on USFreeAds.

USFreeAds offers 3 levels of membership

* Free
* Gold
* Premium

When I got started with USFreeAds I signed up for their "free" membership to start with so I could kick the tires and check things out. I'd recommend the same for you and you will quickly discover why I moved to a premium account at my first opportunity.

Not only do they…

* Provide an easy to understand interface for posting your ad
* A graphical interface that allows up to 12 pictures to be placed
* URL's that lead people to your website or, get this, even directly to your affiliate offers

But USFreeAds also pays you up to 40% per referral that goes beyond the free account status. And that's not just once, but over and over again as long as your referral remains a paid member with USFreeAds. I call that sweet!

With a free account you are very limited and can only have 2 ads running at any given time. I tried posting a business related ad and received an E-mail that I would not be able to do this until I upgraded to a paid member. Considering that you can become a gold level paid member for only $10 per year I say it's worth it.

After all, the gold membership provides you with…

* The ability to run 25 ads at any one time
* Ad renewal each month as desired
* Ability to place commercial and affiliate ads

But why settle for that when a premium account that only costs $9.99 per month offers you all of the above gold account options plus…

* Unlimited ad placement opportunities (not just 25 ads like the gold account)
* Automated ad renewal on a monthly basis
* Ad up to 12 pictures instead of just 1 with the gold account
* Generate a product catalog for your viewers
* Priority placement over free and gold members
* Thumbnail images displayed in your search results
* And much much much more

If you need exposure for what you are working with how could it not make sense to make money while using what I believe is the best online classified advertisement system available? Bottom line, advertise on USFreeAds. It just makes sense.