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Friday, September 26, 2008

5 Ways To Viral Web Marketing Success

Why do people often think video when they talk of viral web marketing? Could it be because multimedia has done an excellent job of capitalizing on the viral marketing process? Yes, that could be it, but that simply leaves a world for you to reach using other viral approaches.

Let's look at several was of creating excellent viral marketing messages.

* Viral Videos
* Ebooks
* Cartoons
* Jokes
* Text messages

*** Viral Videos ***

Our first stop is to the creation of viral videos. I would imagine most everyone has gotten a link to a cool video in his or her inbox at one time or another. While the video may have taken some work to put together, creation of the multimedia was not the major focus of the creator. Rather getting you to consider that the work was done with enough…

* Emotion
* Charisma
* Uniqueness
* Or what have you

So that you will send the video to your friends and they in turn will watch it is the absolute key of the makes of a viral video marketing project.

*** Ebooks ***

Another excellent way of creating a viral product is through Ebooks. Electronic material is best made viral by creating high quality rich information that your target audience will find valuable enough to give to those who would be within the same focused industry. While it may take some time to put together such writings, once it is done it can be worth its weight in gold especially if you distribute it for free. While it's true your not going to become wealthy giving away your hard work, it will create brand awareness and you can include income producing links within your free Ebook.

*** Cartoons & Jokes ***

If you haven't yet received a viral video in your inbox, then surely you've seen text or graphical cartoons or jokes. Many people send these to one another just because. Imagine the results available if the picture included your URL in a visible but non-evasive position. Or perhaps your written joke referenced your website within the joke itself. The point here is that without much difficulty you can add a marketing message that everyone everywhere will be more than pleased to send throughout the web.

*** Text messages ***

As technology changes and builds upon itself the methods of distributing viral web marketing will morph accordingly. One of the best examples of this is using text messages through free services like where you are allowed to send text messages to other peoples cell phone devices.

*** Conclusion ***

No matter which process you use for your viral campaigns, be sure to use such processes, as they will help your Internet marketing endeavors in a large variety of ways. The more viral marketing you have on the web the higher the chances of massi5ve traffic being driven to your web creatives.