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Friday, September 5, 2008

Creating Google Sitemaps

The hardest part of building a website is not…

* The programming code
* The navigation menu
* Or even deciding what the website will be about

Nope. The hardest part of building a website is generating high quality niched traffic to your web pages. That's exactly where creating Google sitemaps come in so handy.

What is a site map you ask?

Here are 3 people's conceptions of what a site map is.

* "A page which contains an organized listing of links to all pages within the website"

* "An alternate method, and quickly becoming the preferred method, of letting the Search Engine Spiders know about all the pages in your site"

* "A hierarchical list of web pages that belong to a site."

Simply put, if you are interested in search engines finding every part of your website (and who isn't?); then you need to have a sitmap as part of your internet marketing strategy.

But how to you build a Google sitemap?

First, access…
Enter your URL in the sites box and allow some time for Google to get you setup.

When you see the hyperlinked word "add" under the "sitemap" category select it.

Tell Google what type of sitemap you are looking for and complete their small form.

Download the CSV file so that you can upload it onto your site after you have entered in all the URL's. Yup, you heard me right. You are going to enter in every single URL of your website. Not a big deal if your website only has 10 or so pages, but what if it's like mine and has 100's of pages or undergoes extensive growth? That's quite a project, and that's why I use the automated services offered from

Once you've uploaded your site with all it's URL's in place your done creating your Google sitemaps. Now the rest is up to the search engines and it can take them sometime to stop by and pay you a visit, but when they do they will have clear instructions on exactly where every single page of your website is.