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Monday, September 29, 2008

Do Social Bookmarking Directories Help SEO Rankings?

Our question for this article is…

Do Social Bookmarking directories help SEO rankings?

Of course they do, but I barely have time to get my article writings done let alone adding Social Bookmarking to the mix.

That was until a very simple paragraph I read on the Warrior Forum today.

In this article I will explain why Social Bookmarking (not to mention Social Networking) helps SEO and provide reference to another one that explains the process I learned today. Trust me, it will be a process that most anyone can follow.

However, I digress.

First SEO rankings refer to how search engines rank a website on their directories. This is often called Search Engine Optimization and is controlled by a number of factors including…

* Long tail keywords
* Meta & H1 tags (though maybe not as much as once upon a time)
* Niche content
* And, of course, backlinks among other things.

An excellent tool for measuring how you are doing on the search engines is SEO Elite. Not only do I personally use it on a daily basis, I recommend that you do the same.

A backlink is a link that a site gives to your website without requiring a reciprocal link. Which is exactly what happens when a Social Bookmarking site links back to your website.

Therefore, the more Social Bookmarking sites that are pointing your direction the better your rating will be on the search engines, especially if you have completed your other SEO tasks too.

However this does not mean that you want to run right out and post your entire website to…

* StumbleUpon
* Delicious

Or wherever. Actually, nothing will get you banned from the Social Directories faster than posting your website pages directly to them. Further, even if they do allow you to complete such activities, when someone finds your Social Bookmarks you will look like an egotistical maniac rather than someone who should be listened to and followed.

Therefore, Social Bookmarking directories "done right" do help SEO rankings because they provide backlinks to your website information.