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Monday, September 8, 2008

Easy Article Marketing Strategy

I love Bum Marketing. It really makes so much sense. You deliver to the search engines exactly what they are looking for and nothing else. The long-term affects this has on your website rankings is unquestionable.


There is a little known secret that can be applied to Bum Marketing that will supercharge your efforts.

*** SETUP ***
First, you need to have a basic website and blog setup.

If you are in need of a domain host I would use

As for blog tools, two of the most popular are…

* (my favorite)

It really doesn't matter which blog software you use as long as you build yourself a blog that you can post articles to.

*** POSTING ***
Using Bum Marketing write two articles, post one to your website and one to your blog.

The articles need to be related to each other for best results. It's not likely that an article for a Vegetarian will work well with an article talking about the best ways to cook a steak.

*** LINKING ***
Now that the two articles are written and posted hyperlink both of them together in a way that one references the other. The chances of someone being interested in reading another writing on the same niche topic after taking the time to read the first one are quite good. What's more, search engines will definitely notice that people are moving between the two resources and reward you handsomely as a result.

NOTE: Be sure to link to the actual article page on your blog rather than just the main page of your blog.

You will indeed reap the benefits if you add this easy article marketing strategy to other article writing tactics like bum marketing.