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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finding Target Market

You have a niche.
You have a product.
But you don't have the traffic, at least not as much as you would like to have.

So what is the process of finding target market audiences that match your selected niche?

Many would tell you to do PPC. But that's expensive. I wonder if it is there way of discouraging you so that they would have a bigger field to reach. Some people are unfortunately selfish like that. Believe me, there is room enough for everyone to improve their finances on the Internet.

And then there are those who would say that you have to be busy with…

* Article marketing
* Social networking
* Classified advertising

And the list goes on.

I don't disagree with this group, but many present it in such an overwhelming way that people drown beneath all the information.

Of course there are those who talk about this or that "black hat" method as the answer. I suppose you could follow them, just keep in mind that sooner or later you will be caught and banned leaving a trail of dust in the place of all your hard work.

That's not my style.

So how do you reach the niche you are looking to connect with?

Two words come to mind and they are "bum marketing."

In short, "bum marketing entails having Google tell you what needs to be expanded upon according to the number of competitors you do or do not have in a given area. It also hones down your article so that it reaches a specific audience. Here's an example.

For the moment let's presume you are interested in an article about E-mail newsletters.

Would you be more interested in reading an article titled?
"Email newsletter"
"How to write Email newsletters"

With the 2nd option you know exactly what to expect in the article. The strange thing is there are so many people who do not follow this simple "bum marketing" strategy to succeed with their article marketing. You can even apply "bum marketing" to classified advertising and the ad practically writes itself.

So what is the process of finding target market audiences? You can choose the expensive option of "bum marketing" or the underhand strategies of "black hats" if you wish. For me, I'll use ""bum marketing" and it's various strategies to continue dominating the 1st pages of Google on the long tail keywords that my niche target finds important.

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