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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Free Pay Per Click Advertising

Okay, I admit. This article is not about free pay per click advertising.

It's actually better than that.

Are you aware that people pay to show up on the right panel and very top of Google search pages? Actually depending on the keyword they pay rather handsomely to get those positions.

I say let them pay for the placements while I take prominent spaces for free.

What's that?


Ahhh, that's easy. I combine article marketing with bum marketing while adding a heavy dose of web writing.

What exactly I mean by web writing I covered in my partner article to this writing titled Get Free Google Pay Per Click Ranking Results.

As far as article marketing, do me a favor. Don't run out and get the latest article directory submitter. At least not until you've had a chance to logon to the major article directories and enter your profile information. Besides, that's an extra backlink or two or three even before you begin submitting your articles.

Once that is done to your satisfaction, it is then time to use an automated article submission tool. But why get just any tool for this when you can have the best. My personal preference is Article Submitter. You are welcome to make a mistake with a different article submission software application if you wish.

That leaves us with bum marketing which happens to be one of my pet subjects to write about lately. Especially since it produced a page one placement on Google in less than 24 hours just this last week. If I were you I'd join my newsletter and check out the bum marketing articles for yourself.

However, I'm not you so let me cut to the case.

* You choose a keyword. "Christmas"

* Find out how many competitors you have. "443,000,000 at time of this writing"

* Narrow your competitors by looking at the results. "The History Of Christmas = 34,500 results"

* You want your result to be between 1000 & 5000 competitors. "Christmas Celebrations Around the world"

* You started with a very broad topic of "Christmas" and ended with a niched down topic of "Christmas Celebrations Around the world" which is easy to write an article around because you know exactly what to write.

This has been a quick and easy review of how to get free pay per click advertising. There certainly is more to this puzzle, but this is indeed a rough sketch that will help to get you started.