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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How To Build your Own Search Service

In the beginning there was nothing.

Zip... zilch... nadda... zero

Then Al Gore spoke and the Internet was created.

No one had much use for it until Google changed everything. Suddenly the World Wide Web graduated from Geekville and entered into the mainstream.

Google held the largest chunk of cyberspace until Web 2.0 concepts like Facebook & DIGG came of age. One would be ignorant to think that Social Networking & Bookmarking is not critically important in today's world.

What's next?


Thanks to Yahoo you can now Build your Own Search Service (BOSS) using Yahoo's new search engine creation utility. BOSS allows you to choose what is and is not relevant from search engine type results as well as information that can be obtained from the Web 2.0 networks.

The process is relatively straightforward and allows you to create a search source for…

* Content Searches
* Image Searches
* News Searches

It even provides spelling suggestions for you as you create your search engine. You can find out more information about this technology by visiting Yahoo's Developer Network page.

Websites that are currently using Yahoo's new utility include.

* HAKIA (Hakia is a new semantic search engine dedicated to quality.)
* Me.dium (A social search site helping you find what the crowds are looking for.)
* Daylife (Lets you launch a news portal in your own voice, brand and feel in minutes.)
* Cluuz (Real-time results based on patent pending semantic cluster graphs.)

Yahoo plans to introduce revenue sharing plans for those who want to profit from their developement in the future. The Internet sure has come a long way since it's early days. And now, thanks to Yahoo you can build your own search service.