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Monday, September 22, 2008

How To Search The ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank. Does that word conjure up feelings of anger or pleasure? Whichever the case denying that ClickBank owns a good share of the online literature market would be kin to denying that the sun rises and sets each day.

I personally like ClickBank. Perhaps that is because I learned how to search the ClickBank Marketplace in the most efficient manner possible.

Let me explain.

When you logon to the marketplace section of ClickBank you are presented with a search box and lots of options.

* Category
* Keywords
* Product Type
* Show
* Subcat
* Sort By
* Language

Before we look at those categories it is import to note that like with most search boxes you don't need to complete every field before searching. However, the more accurate you the better your chance of finding what you are looking for.

*** Category, Subcat & Keywords ***

Basically, you narrow down exactly which ClickBank records will and won't be searched with this selection. If your keyword is already niched then this might not be necessary, but what if you wanted to search on a more general word like "secret"

I just did that and found results in 3 different categories.
* Dieting
* Marketing
* Dogs
Just to name a few.

*** Show & Language ***

These two are pretty straightforward.

Two different "languages" are available from the ClickBank material.
* English
* Spanish

"Show" simply refers to how many results would you like to have on one page. The more you have on a page the slower that page will load. However, you will have to click to the next screen much more if you leave the display results low.

*** Product Type ***

This is an easy toggle to miss but a very valuable option to use. Basically you are telling ClickBank that you want recurring payments verse one-time payments from the vendor. Lining yourself up with a recurring project is not a bad idea since you receive payment each month for as long as the purchaser chooses to use the service.

*** Sort By ***

In my opinion this is the best part of the ClickBank search box. It's also probably the most overlooked. Simply put, it gives you the ability to organize your searches by whichever option you want to target your ad around.

* Popularity (the default)
* High Gravity
* Low Gravity
* $ Earned/Sale
* % Earned/Sale
* Future $
* Total $/Sale
* % Referred

Depending on how you want your results returned you will search by the above options. There are whole books written on this subject. Blogging To The Bank is probably my favorite.

With this information in hand you to will know how to search the ClickBank Marketplace.