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Sunday, September 21, 2008

How To Use Drupal To Build Niche Content

In my last article I examined why I would not use Drupal. Though the article was very negative on Drupal, I wouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet.


Simple, you'd be selling yourself short.

At first glance Drupal appears to be a compilation of savvier web masters who have been brought together to collaborate on their different projects as a single entity.


As such, the hope would be that they understand the difference between fluff and valuable content that keeps their readers returning on a regular basis. Of course, my initial assessment could be wrong, that you will have to make the final decision upon.

In any case you can easily use Drupal as an information-gathering tool for most any project without even having an account. Simply type your desired keyword in their search box and select "search". In moments you will have relevant results returned to your browsers window for you to investigate and rate in further detail.

Not only will this give you ideas to capitalize upon, but you will also see first hand what others in your given industry are up to within the Drupalsphere.

But why stop there?

Drupal has a Google PR7 rating on their front page. Since backlinks are an essential part of an Internet Marketers package why not create an account and open new forum topics for people to interact with?

Here's the process once you've confirmed your account creation via your Email Inbox. (Things on the Internet change, thus if my directions are not accurate for you Drupal changed that not me.) The basic process should remain the same unless they do a major revision.

* Look for blue list of items on the right you can choose to do once you logon to your account.
* Select "create content" from the above list.
* Select "forum topic" from the 3 options provided.
* Complete the form that displays.

You might want to check out the other options provided by Drupal after creating your forum topic.

Even if you do not choose to create a forum topic replying to an open forum with high quality relevant information and a link in your signature provides you with a Google PR7 or above. That in and of itself is reason to use Drupal.

Whatever the case you now know how to use Drupal to build niche content for your website or blog.