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Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Blog


Yet another Social Networking WEB 2.0 tool for you to use to promote your blog or website. I just finished a YouTube video that told how to make comments on Twitter as well as add a side widget to watch comments that others are making. Both ideas are really good advice.

Here's how to use Twitter to promote your blog by writing articles.

Assuming that you have already written your article (my favorite method is bum marketing) and posted your article to your blog or website in this article we look at what to do with it next.


If you are going to use you need to set it up. This includes creating an account, completing your profile and setting up all the settings to your preferences. Be sure to include a relevant picture to your campaign purposes.

My own personal Twitter handle is SEOGuy2. If you are interested in topics related to Internet Marketing I encourage you to join my community.


With your article in hand and twitter profile setup it's time to "feed the bird". I personally use for this part of the process. Which means the next step is for you to create an account with Ezine Articles.

Many people make the mistake of creating an account, adding it to their automated article submission tool & considering it a job well done. In my opinion it is a job half done. I'm not against automated article submission services to be sure, but they do tend to encourage people to miss the greater advantages of article directories like


Are you aware that many article directories allow you to create a profile on their service? It's true. But Ezine Articles does one better than that, which is why I know their article directory is in my top 10 list.

Okay, with your account created navigate to your personal bio under the profile manager. Here you are able to add your URL's to various areas including Twitter.

Here's the best part.
"If you have a account, we can automatically update your status when your articles are approved."

Which means that as you write and the articles are posted on they are automatically posted to Twitter at the exact same time. I call that a 2 for one process which is easy to setup.

I also call it the best how to use Twitter to promote your blog or website process that I know of. Like I said, there are ways to be successful with, but this is the best as it is a completely hands free process that is available for all to use.