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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Using Traffic Geyser Online Profit Generator Advised?


The basic idea behind using Traffic Geyser is that you get your "viral" videos out to a variety of video & podcast directories fast.

That's good right?

No, that's bad!

While it's true that if you follow their principals you increase your chances of igniting an online profit generator, leaving everything to automation causes you to miss a world of opportunity.

What am I talking about? Wouldn't having quality videos throughout the Internet be an advantage rather than a disadvantage?

Yes. It would.

However, just like with the article directories many of these video directories have profiles that you need to complete. Then when you create an awesome video like the Bionic Burger you will find a number of people visiting that websites profile, which (when created) includes a variety of items depending on how the particular service developed their profile offerings.

Items like…
* Name (duh!)
* Picture (I like using a logo when allowed)
* "About me"
* URL – this is critical. You have the ability to put in 1, 2 or maybe more backlinks.

See, I'm not against using automated services like Traffic Geyser for video submissions or Article Submitter for article submissions. What I am against is failing to complete online profiles where they are available to be completed. If someone arrives at a blank profile how interested will they be in your offerings compared to if they find a nicely formatted profile that accompanies your video or article projects?

Image is everything. And a bad image can absolutely ruin your chances of success on the Internet. Therefore I would indeed recommend using traffic geyser for your online profit generator when it comes to broadcasting videos across the net. Just don't do it lazily by leaving a wake of uncompleted profiles lining your trail through the World Wide Web.