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Friday, September 12, 2008

New Google Sites Free Website building Tool

I love Google.

Yup, perhaps you don't find as much appreciation for Blogger as I do. From the tools I've used with Google they are always crystal clear and easy to use. Okay, perhaps AdWords is the exception, but as the rule goes Google is easy to use.

Now they are releasing a free website building tool. Introducing the new Google Sites for quick and easy website development.

Google Sites is replacing the older Google Pages website building option.

Why is Google going through all the trouble of introducing a brand new tool for building websites?

After all, Google Pages allowed people to…
* Create new pages
* Add URL's
* Format your document in HTML
* I even added videos to my Google Pages but not without a great deal of trouble

Google Sites on the other hand allows people to…
* Create rich web pages easily
* Collect all related information into one place
* Control who can view & edit the site
* Plus most everything that was available from Google Pages

Here's what software developer Scott Griepentrog from had to say about Google sites.

"Google Sites is the best thing to hit the web since Google Apps. For a long time I'd been wanting a way to have a more private area, where others could still contribute without having to give them full administrative privileges to my domain - and Sites fits the bill and then some. I've used it to support many varied activities including private notes and conversations with clients, keeping track of my home schooled children's assignments and homework, letting them create their own web pages, collaborating with others on content for books and engineering designs, and even sharing pictures of our new dog with my family. It's easier and faster than a wiki, I can control who can see or contribute to a given site, and it's just downright fun to use! Thank you Google!"

I don't know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, given a review like Scotts. I'm going to be checking into the brand new Google sites free website building tool.