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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Start Generating Traffic To Your Blog

People love highly niche related blogs.
Search engines love blogs focused on a target market.
Even your website loves the blog it is connected to.

So you really only have one choice.

Build a blog!

You can have a blog up and going within a couple hours tops. I know, because I do it frequently.

However, just building a blog is not enough. You also need to start generating traffic to your blog else all you really have is an electronic paperweight.

*** Be Creative ***
One of the best ways to get that traffic you are looking for is by writing articles. I've tried this process with and without the bum marketing concept included. I've learned the hard way that it's much easier to compete against 1500 different entries than it is 23 million. Further, while I would indeed use an article submitting software, I would also logon to all the key article directories that I want to use and setup profiles where that option is made available.

*** Hug A Blogger ***
I got this idea from Ankesh Kothari's blogclout blog, and I recommend you follow it.

First, find other blogs related to your niche audience using Technorati and get involved with them. Don't market to these other blogs, but rather provide valuable responses to their posts.

Second, go the extra mile by sending them a snail mail thank you postcard. Postcards don't cost a great deal and the potential joint venture opportunities that may open up as a result far exceeds any expenses you may have had to dole out.

You can use DomainTools to find out the physical address of a domain name owner. And a great postcard processing service for you to use would be Sendoutcards. If you received a pleasant postcard in the mail related to your blog or website, how interested would you be in finding out more about the person who sent it? Once you discovered that they were legit what's the chances that you would want to do business with them?

This one really isn't rocket science.

*** Develop Guest Appearances ***
Let's say you have found a blog that fits perfectly with your niche audience. You like the style of writing used by the other blog owner. Why not offer that blogger to be an author on your blog? Perhaps they will return the offer. Either way, you have a guest speaker that livens up your blog.

I know, you prefer to hear your own voice on your blog. After all, it's your blog right.

One word, interactive.

Besides, if the other writer has a large following theirs a good chance that they may tell their readers about your blog and that can't be anything but good.

These are 3 ways to start generating traffic to your website. Other ways do exist. But these will definitely get you headed down the right road.