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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stepping Into The Blogosphere

Is this the part where I'm supposed to put on that eerie music and say...

We control the horizontal.
We control the vertical.
Do not attempt to adjust your computer screen.

Or not.

After all, stepping into the blogosphere really doesn't have to be that scary. Don't get me wrong; it will take work and lots of it to be successful in the blogosphere. You see...


Yes you, on the right, 3rd seat back. Yes you, the one who was whispering to your neighbor. Do you care to share your conversation with the rest of us?

What is the blogosphere?

What an excellent question. Let's break it down.

A blog is a web source you use to publish tightly niched articles together as one in a way that other people are able to comment on them.

A sphere is like a round ball or the world.

No the world is not flat, enough bird walking let's get back to the topic.

If you combine a blog and a sphere together as one you arrive at a community of blogs sharing links with one another in a sphere type form which creates the blogosphere.

Yes, yes a blogosphere is flat as it is only a graphical representation of what is taking place in virtual reality.

Now, if you use a blogging tool like…


You have the basis for creating your blog where you will be publishing your articles. My own personal favorite is because it's free and really has all the resources I need to succeed.

I see are time is about up for this session. Tomorrow we will be examining how the blogosphere can be used to build Internet Marketing businesses through tools like

* Article directories
* Automated newsletters
* Classified Advertising

Please be prompt, we have a lot to cover as we begin stepping into the blogosphere.