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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Successful Viral Web Marketing Tips

So you want to be a viral marketer.


Perhaps because you've heard how powerful word of mouth advertising can be?

That would be a good reason. However, before you get started here are several successful viral web marketing tips I would recommend for you to follow.

First, build your project around a bum marketing principal. While this article will not expand on the benefits of bum marketing it is worth researching the concept to learn more on exactly how it works.

Second, make your viral marketing project rich with resources that are valuable to your niche target audience. It is only logical that the more valuable you make your project the more likely people will be to hand your information around to other people whom they know that are in the same niche.

Third, use the right tools to get your project out to the industry.

* Social Networking
* Niched newsletters
* Article directories

And the list goes on.

Following the above concepts you end up with a highly niched product with rich content that your target audience will be pleased to create a viral wave around. Just remember to cover the basics in the process.

* Good grammar
* Good spelling

It doesn't need to be perfect, but at least run spell check before going public with your project.

Follow these viral web marketing tips and watch your project blow a gasket of success on the Internet.