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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Video SEO Tips

Most everyone today knows that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains as important today as it ever was.


It is no secret how popular online multimedia is on today's web.

Is it possible to mix SEO with video and reach a positive outcome?


Let's look at some key video SEO tips that you can easily implement. There are other video tips to be sure, but our focus will be looking at tips that will combine the two concepts as one within this article.

*** Create A Video Profile ***

What is a video profile?

Many video directories give people the ability to actually create a profile on their system. An opportunity one loses by just using an automated video submission service like Traffic Geyser. Don't get me wrong; Traffic Geyser is an excellent tool to add to your Internet Marketing arsenal. However, when doing so it works to your great advantage to actually logon personally to the different video directories and personalize your profile.

Here's why.

People look at the online profiles of video directories just as much as they do with article directories like

Further, those profiles can and do include things like your name, what your about and perhaps most importantly a URL back to your website. Especially on those video directories that have a high Google page rank like YouTube, you want all the backlinks they will give you. Why pass up a free opportunity?

*** SEO optimized keywords ***

Doing offline marketing has the best success when there is a plan created around it. It's no different online.

That is why I recommend using to find out exactly what keywords people are using to reach your website. With that knowledge in hand you then use "bum marketing" techniques to find out the hottest long tail keyword available according to Google.

Next you create your video around that specific long tail keyword and make sure to optimize around those words when submitting your video.

To optimize a video you make sure of the following things. The long tail keyword is
* In the URL
* Set as a tag
* Within your description
* And put where else seems right within the given video directory

So yes, it's possible to SEO a video, which is why following the above video SEO tips, will help you succeed in marketing your multimedia successfully.