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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Website Navigation Tips

Your doing great!
Keep up the good work!
This is perfect!

Everyone loves to hear praise about what they are doing. It let's you know that you are on the right track and moving forward. Such is indeed the case as it relates to Internet Marketing. Thus after reading the following website visitor response I set out to write an article on website navigation tips.

"Sorry but your web site is very confusing, I can't seem get a straight answer or article. There are too many options, with too many obstacles.

Do you have a simplified page, or a way to make this visit less challenging and time consuming?"

-- YV


All my work?
All my effort?
And the result is, that they are right!

Do you know that their Email was worth 100% gold as compared to most compliments?


This reader has taken the time to respond. That tells me that they see hope and potential where disappoint currently resides.

The reader has shared critical feelings on the frustrations of visitors. Thus if I correct there website navigation problems there is a tremendous likelihood that I will be helping out countless other people at the same time.

Even with the bad report on my navigation YV took the time to join my newsletter list. Yet another vote in my favor with a plea to make navigation easier to, well for lack of better words, navigate.

So my obvious task was to make my website easier for YV (and who knows how many other people) to navigate. Here's good advice to follow when putting together your own website navigation.

*** Prepare navigation structure before website***

In my case it's to late. Fortunately I have prepared the navigation as people get into the heart of the site. But that's not going to do much for those who enter through my front page. My only option is to redesign part of my site. A mission I will indeed be embarking upon right after I write this article.

*** Clean cut uniform navigation bar ***

Fortunately, this I have already done. So building it into the front pages will be relatively painless. There's nothing worse than a navigation bar that keeps changing what's where. That confusion will lead to people leaving your website fast.

*** Be flexible in your navigation design ***

Plan for the future or it will take time to bring your site back from the past. Especially if your website is content intensive like the one I'm building. If "content is king" on the Internet (and it is) then "navigation must be queen" since a poor navigation system will not bring you many return visitors.

*** Use trusted tools to make your site shine ***

OddCast Characters: There is an expense though it be nominal considering the value of this software. It's interactive and entertaining. OddCast provides people the ability to search for things directly from your website. And, if you become an affiliate partner (no charge) you can earn money by referring other people to their resources. OddCast is definetly at the top of my own wish list, and if you are serious about making a living on the Internet it should be at the top of yours also.

Google Search: It's free. You can add the code relatively painlessly. People are provided with the ability of searching for information directly from your website. And, you can make money from your visitors using Google Search from your website.

*** Wrap-Up ***
The art of creating navigation menus that work is indeed a talent to be studied. However, if you follow the above website navigation tips you'll be well on your way to happy visitors checking out your site offerings.