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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Why You Must Set Priorities To Succeed

* You have a goal
* You have a dream
* You have a vision

But how in the world will you ever find the time?

I learned the hard way that you must set priorities to succeed.

I've long wanted to break into the world of writing.

I remember purchasing a course from Writer's Digest (TWICE!!!!), but it never amounted to much. The failure certainly wasn't in their material for it looked really good. However, my ability to set it as a priority stank!

Add that to the number of websites I have built over the years that haven't gone where I wanted them too and you come up with a frustrating experience.

By the way, the problem with the websites was not design or time. I could spend numerous hours on design of the different projects without a problem. Finding time to market what I had built was a horse of a different color. I simply didn't believe in myself, perhaps I didn't even want to believe in myself. I do not know.

Over the years, one thing became perfectly clear.

No matter how…

* many promises I made (to myself and others such as spouses)
* many E-books I read (trust me, ClickBank knows my credit card number)
* websites I built

My aspirations would never amount to much unless I

(1) Made the time
(2) Believed in myself

Today, I am managing several different successful websites. I chose to change. Was it easy? Absolutely not. Was it worth it? For me, that question would be answered to the affirmative.

The question now becomes, what are your formidable hurdles that seem unattainable?

* Kids?
* Attitude?
* Purpose?

Whatever they are, you really can do it. But you will need to put aside the reasons why not before you find success in the reasons why. You must set priorities to succeed.