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Friday, October 31, 2008

SearchWarp: Making Easy Money From Article Directories Like SearchWarp

Writing articles.

If you've been attempting Internet Marketing on the web for any time at all you have heard the rumor about the tremendous value from article directories.

I'm here to set the record straight.

Everything you've heard about the benefits of article marketing is true. Yes, video marketing is even truer; but we will save that information for another article.

What you may not have heard as much about is that making easy money from article directories is very plausible.

For example, SearchWarp pays you via Google Adsense for referrals that you send their way. The higher your rating in their system the greater your potential profits.

However, I personally do not believe they do a good job of explaining how the process works. In reality it is very easy even though the directions available are not so much so. Given that I would like to explain to you how their program works.

First you need to create an account and profile. No big secret there. Once you are satisfied with your new profile you save it and your good to go.

Here's where things started getting a bit confusing for me.

Next you write an article about making money with their article directory.

Then post that article to their directory. I have found it easy to use an article submitter for this process, however unlike any other directory I have ever worked with, you then need to logon to their article directory and select the submit button to fully complete the submission process.

While I don't much care for this extra step the financial possibilities for additional income are huge making it more than worth the trouble.

Once the article is posted you then navigate to that very same article that teaches people how to make easy cash from article directories like SearchWarp. Copy the URL for this exact article and begin promoting it from wherever seems logical to you. The result is that while you are building a following for your own website offerings, you are also making easy money from Google AdSense in the process.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Popular Types Of Internet Marketing For Website Traffic Creation

Internet Marketing.

While those words may seem more than a little elusive, not doing it will bring traffic creation to an absolute standstill.

Therefore, I would like to cover several types of Internet Marketing that will supercharge the success you receive on the net.

*** Article Marketing ***
I love to write! Therefore, this is one of my own personal favorite strategies when it comes to generating traffic from the Internet.

My favorite type of article marketing is called bum marketing because it helps you get for free what other people are paying top dollar for. The disadvantage of this process is found in the fact that it is a very slow way of gaining web success. However, considering the benefits of what free marketing can offer it's worth the time it takes to work.

Five free sites I would not miss being involved with as it relates to article marketing are…

* (A brand new unique way of writing for the web that pays you)
* (There is an option where you can receive pay for your submissions)
* (Best social networking site for bum marketing articles)
* (Article directory industry leader)
* (Good for Social Bookmarking)

*** Video Marketing ***
This works exactly the same way as article marketing with the exception that you are working with videos instead of articles. There are numerous video directories to target your videos too. An essential one not to miss would be Video directories may actually be more important than article directories as they normally offer a much higher Google Page Rank than what article directories do.

*** Social Networking & Bookmarking ***
Social Networking is an excellent way of spreading one's word on the web. The problem is that there are more social type-sites than you can count on the web today. In my opinion keeping track of this information is paramount to having an Internet nervous break down. That was before someone told me about MyPage provides you with the ability to control all your social networking activities from a single podium. Using this tool Web 2.0 strategies make sense.

*** Conclusion ***
Using the above free types of Internet marketing strategies for your web business traffic creation simply makes sense. However, remember the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) will further enhance any and all efforts that you might try from the above information. With that said, go forth and conquer. The web is your domain!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Using Blogger Blogs For Killer Minisites Can Boost Online Sales

Killer Minisites.

What are they and how will using Blogger Blogs help their creations.

According to Wikipedia a minisite is…

"A minisite is a website on which companies offer information on one particular product or product group. Typically, a minisite is enhanced by various multimedia contents, such as an animated, narrated introduction, and accompanied by a visual scheme, which complements the product well."

I would add that the purpose of a successful minisite is to boost online sales.

Often times a minisite can consist of only one or two pages, however when using a blog platform for the minisite it can actually become quite a large site after only a short amount of time.

Since blogs allow you to add one article at a time you can easily piece meal things into a dynamic approach that is easy to maintain. If you take an aggressive approach of writing a new article every day in only 30 days you have 30 pages. Just make sure to set a realistic writing schedule that you can maintain in the long run.

Following this 60 day plan Google raised my page rank value on their system from 0 to 3 on a 0 – 10 scale.

Simply put search engines love properly managed blogs.


Many reasons really. Blogs are…

* Interactive by making comments and responses to posts that are made.
* Fresh, with new content and articles being posted frequently.
* Easy to publicize when implementing technology like FeedBurner which leads to backlinks from high PR websites.

If that were all that blogs offered it would be more than enough. Fortunately, that's just the start.

On my Blogger Blogs I also include…

* A targeted search engine compliments of Google Adsense, which is another fine product from Google.
* The ability to know when new posts are made via Email or RSS feed compliments of FeedBurner.
* A "read more" link, which helps people know what has been posted recently in a glance rather than weeding through countless pages of undesirable content.
* Video, audio and text content that appeals to every kind of reader rather than just those who happen to be speed-readers.
* And that's really just the start.

Using Blogger blogs for creation of killer minisites is quite an easy undertaking. Done right they can boost online sales much better than a traditional website is able to do. With that said, use Blogger blogs for your Internet Marketing ventures and watch the success come pouring in.

Monday, October 27, 2008

3 Feed Burning Rss Questions Answered By FeedBurner Rss


If you are like me you have heard this acronym before.

Perhaps you even know that it stands for "Really Simple Syndication".

But the question remains…

Who cares?

The answer is…


Let's examine 3 RSS questions to find out exactly why you should be using RSS in your own online campaigns.

1:] How do I setup an RSS chicklet on my blog?
2:] Can I use Email with RSS?
3:] What do PING & RSS have in common?

NOTE: While there are other RSS services on the web, we will be positioning this discussion around the usage of FeedBurner RSS services. In general the concepts unfolded here will apply to other feed burning services as well.

*** How Do I Setup An RSS Chicklet On My Blog ***

After logging on to your FeedBurner account you will pleasantly find that the bulk of the work is suddenly behind you.

On the top of your screen you will find these following tabs

* Analyze
* Optimize
* Publicize
* Monetize
* Troubleshootize

We will be working within the "PUBLICIZE" window to answer this and the other 2 questions.

Once in the "PUBLICIZE" screen you will find a list of options on the left side.

Find and select the "CHICKLET CHOOSER".

Choose the "CHICKLET" you would like to use.

Scroll to the bottom drop down box and select the blog platform you are working with. If your preferred platform is not listed then copy paste the code where you would like it to reside on your blog.

When using the drop down blog selection options, if you have more than one blog be sure to select the right one else have the wrong RSS feed installed on the wrong blog.

Now, each time you submit a new article to your blog it will automatically send out a notification to anyone and everyone that has chosen to be part of your RSS service.

But wait. There's more….

*** Can I Use Email With RSS? ***

Not everyone is used to using and/or familiar with the process of RSS yet. So providing a second option for people that don't use RSS is a really good idea.

That's why when setting up your RSS service you also want to setup an "EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION" option.

Simply follow the same path as what you did to install the "CHICKLET" with the alteration of choosing "EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS" from the "SERVICES" list instead.

*** What Do PING & RSS Have In Common? ***d

The result?

You now have both an RSS feed and an Email Subscription option setup for your readers to join. With those items in place, every time you update your blog your readers will know about it. Provide them with information that they want and you will find a steady flow of visitors coming back to your blog on a regular basis.

However, a problem still exists in that people need to know that these services exist on your blog before they can join them.

That's where the concept of PINGing comes into the picture.

From the same "SERVICES" list that you used to setup your feed and Email subscription options, choose "PINGSHOT"

Select the services you would like to PING.

Be sure to add the 5 additional services. Why not? It's free and the more publicity the better, no?

Select "SAVE" and you're done.

Now when you submit a new post to your blog it will be automatically posted to all these services mentioned on this list.

Talk about instant publicity.

*** Conclusion ***

Using the FeedBurner RSS utility for feed burning is free and easy. To answer even more RSS questions spend time checking out the different options on FeedBurner. Why not? While there is certainly reason to pay for some advertising services like PPC on the web, getting all the low cost to know cost publicity you can is certainly an excellent idea.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

How To Create A Thumbnail Image For Your YouTube Video

You've gone to all the work of creating a video.

You've even followed my upload video guide advice for your YouTube video.

Whether this is your first or your millionth video you want to be sure to create a thumbnail image that makes sense.

There are probably thousands of videos on YouTube and other directories that would get better hits if they only had a good thumbnail image for people to view.

*** Placing The Thumbnail Image ***

The truth is that they would probably be shocked to find out how easy it is to choose their desired thumbnail image for their video. Simply put, when creating the video itself place the thumbnail image exactly at the half way mark in the video.

After uploading your video YouTube will let you choose which thumbnail to use. In a perfect world you would be able to select the image that you placed in the middle of your video. If this does not happen for you, then keep adjusting your video till you can see you're desired image.

In numbers it would look like this.

For a 20 second video you would place your thumbnail image at 10 seconds.
For a 5-minute video you would place the thumbnail image at 2.30 minutes within your video.

Just divide your video by 2 and you arrive at the exact position where the thumbnail needs to be placed at.

*** Thumbnail Image Helpful Hints ***

* Your thumbnail needs to catch your reader's eye. Some people use beautiful models to accomplish this while other people target specific items like a blown up shot of a hamburger. Whatever you choose make it provocative enough that your reader will want to find out what the video is about.

* Your thumbnail image does not have to relate to your video. If it does that's great. However, if you simply want the image to draw reader's attention then you can do something zany or wild to accomplish that goal.

* Whatever image you choose as your thumbnail will appeal to a specific target audience more than any other. Therefore, if you are targeting a female audience you will probably want to choose something other than a scantily dressed woman.

*** Summary Of Thumbnail Images ***

When you deliberately strategically create a thumbnail image for your YouTube video you will automatically increase the level of viewers for that video. People are almost always more intrigued by an alluring image than they are by one's that don't make sense. For that reason your thumbnail image is truly one of the most important parts of your video. That's why you want to have your entire thumbnail image usage highly targeted to your niche audience's curiosity.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Storyboard Template For Multimedia Product Development

Multimedia product development is combining…

  • Text

  • Audio

  • Still images

  • Animation

  • Interactivity

  • Video

In a targeted niche format that reaches your target audience in a cohesively structured way.

With that said here is a storyboard template that you can use to successfully create your own multimedia projects.

*** STEP 1: Determine The Text ***

You've got to start somewhere. Starting with text is as logical a place as possible to begin. Based on the following factors…

  • Target audience

  • Domain name

  • Experiential knowledge

Determine what text you are going to put into each new page. I highly recommend using the bum marketing process with this as I have seen instant Google front-page listings as a result.

*** STEP 2: Define User Interactions ***

Will you allow your readers to respond via a forum or blog?

Do you know that linking a blog to your website is an excellent way of driving up your Google search engine rankings? It's certainly not the only way, but it is a way you should definitely consider.

Also, please please please provide your readers with a way to navigate through your website. Yes, navigation bars work for this and I use them. I also recommend installing an automated search engine like OddCast on your website so that finding things on your website is as easy as pie.

*** STEP 3: Decide On Hyperlinks ***

I've been doing this and didn't even realize it until this article.

I start my articles in MS Word. During the writing I highlight those areas where I will be placing hyperlinks. Once finished I create the new web page, knowing exactly where hyperlinks should be going within that specific article.

Further, I have links to internal related articles at the bottom of each page. Since they are already created for that subject area it is a quick copy/paste process to completion.

*** STEP 4: Do You Include Audio ***

Everything from entrance and exits sounds to a spoken message should be considered.

Typical types of messages that you could include would be…

* The article itself in spoken form
* Coverage of a related topic to the content of your article
* A welcome message letting people know how they can best use your website

Whatever the case, going beyond text to other content forms is a highly advisable recommendation. Further, high quality audio files are what make for successful podcasts.

*** STEP 5: Develop Your Videos ***

All successful Internet marketers should do videos. Videos that are submitted to video directories receive a PR7 or above backlink in most cases. That's why even a poor video is better than no video at all. However, if you create a quality video you can anticipate gaining a larger audience from that video.

Just be sure that the video is niched to the same target audience as your article is. This should not be that difficult, since to start with you created a text file for this same group. Just tell people about what you wrote in a visually user friendly approach.

*** Conclusion ***

Now you know how to

  • Determine

  • Define

  • Decide

  • Do

  • Develop

You're way to multimedia success. Follow this storyboard template advice often and you will find it easy to reach the multimedia product development success you are looking for.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Using Broad, Phrase And Exact Keywords

Pay per click (PPC) advertising works if and only if, you know how to work PPC.

PPC gone awry may do painfully little more than cost you a great deal of money unless of course you customarily win lotteries and hit jackpots.

However, PPC does not have to be a game of chance for you to succeed. While it's true that there is a certain amount of risk involved knowing how to work with certain concepts can turn pure luck into an educated and calculated strategy.

One of the best ideas to gain a grasp around would be using broad, phrase and exact keywords. Not to mention negative keywords, which I discussed in my last article.

The keyword we will for the following examples will be "viral video marketing"

*** Broad Match Keyword ***

To create a broad match keyword you simply put the keyword as is into Google Adwords keyword creation box.

So a broad match keyword would look like this…

viral video marketing

This is normally considered as the most expensive least targeted option you can select. However, sometimes you find your best results with a broad match keyword.

*** Phrase Match Keyword ***

A phrase match keyword will trigger your Google PPC campaign whenever someone types in a phrase that contains your selected long tail keyword combination. To turn a broad match keyword into a phrase match keyword you simply add quotes like this…

"viral video marketing"

Now your Adwords campaign will trigger when people include your phrase in their search. That means that any of following options will display your Adwords advertising…

* viral video marketing
* viral video marketing tips and tricks
* creative viral video marketing

*** Exact Match Keywords ***

Starting from square one with the broad match keyword, to create an exact match [ ] you add brackets to your broad keyword. Be sure they are the right brackets! For people to find your PPC advertising with this option they have to enter your exact phrase into Google search. Therefore, if viral video marketing is your selected broad match phrase neither of the two following options will display your advertising.

* viral video marketing tips and tricks
* creative viral video marketing

Only when people type in…

[viral video marketing]

Will they find your PPC project. While this is the most limiting of the three options, the traffic you receive is highly targeted for your exact offer. Which means, using this PPC option is indeed highly recommended.

*** Closing Tips ***

Broad, phrase and exact keywords should be used in unison especially at the start of a new PPC campaign. As it becomes apparent which keywords are working best you may decide to drop keywords that are not producing your desired results. In most cases, maintaining a mix of phrase and exact keywords is your best option. In all cases, monitor the results of your campaign while adding and subtracting keyword options where appropriate.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Installing Google Adwords Editor For My PPC Campaign

True confessions of an Internet marketer.

"I don't use pay per click advertising."

There. I said it. It's out in the open and I feel so much better, or at least I'm told that I'm supposed to feel so much better.

Perhaps I should tell you why?

* PPC takes to much time.
* PPC can be extremely expensive.
* PPC… well, for me the above to points are enough.

But then you find articles talking about "My PPC Campaign Success" and you here stories about how pay per click advertising brings an instant flood of high quality targeted traffic to your web offerings.

Since I personally want all the…

* high quality
* targeted traffic

I can get, I decided to give PPC another try. This time, in the process of setting up a new campaign I stumbled upon the Google Adwords Editor. See, it isn't that I haven't used PPC but rather in my current marketing profile I have simply chosen not to use pay per click advertising.

I know this much is true…

PPC Works

-- IF --

You know how to work PPC

So I went to work installing Google's Editor.

NOTE TO SELF: Someone ought to tell Google that the above link from their source website is misdirected. Or at least it was when I wrote this article.

Here's a comment Google placed about this Editor.

"After a quick, easy installation process, you can start using Editor immediately."

* Easy – It was.
* Quick – I guess that's a matter of perspective. After 2 hours of waiting for the editor to install I came to the determination that either Google's idea of "quick" was slower than an ice age or I needed to reboot my computer.

Then I received a message "install server not responding."

I rebooted.

Yeah! The reboot worked.

I continued following the "Getting Started" instructions.

It continued working!

What was my final analysis?

The Google Adwords Editor really is a tool worth checking out.

One last exciting point before I close. Since the editor…

* Saves my work as you go.
* Makes my edits live only after I upload them.
* Streamlines the entire process for my PPC campaign.

I know I have found a tool that I will use as well as highly recommend for anyone who is serious about his or her own PPC success.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Remember back to your youth?

Just when you thought you had found the "love of your life" you find yourself staring at a "Dear John or Jane" letter. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to escape this tragedy in your own growing years. Whichever the case, I'm sure there were times when life truly did rip the carpet right out from under your feet sending you sprawling like a bag of marbles being ripped to shreds at the seam.

Fast forward to today and your Internet marketing endeavors. Now you look to and fro only to find numerous people everywhere in love with a concept called search engine optimization (SEO).

For the record, SEO involves preparing your web pages for the search engine spiders to consume in such a way that it sends your web creation through the proverbial Internet ceiling. As important as SEO is, there are other forms of Internet Marketing today that are at least as equally important if not even more important than search engine optimization.

Let's look at some of those marketing skills that are beyond search engine optimization within this article.

*** PPC Marketing ***

Pay per click marketing involves paying for people to click on your Internet advertisements. While you can lose serious money with this process, many people flock to this technology.

I sure don't blame them. It's a way of gaining instant exposure to whatever it is that they are offering.

I do however wish I could tell them one thing before they spend their hard earned cash. If given the opportunity I would tell them to learn the bum marketing process before doing PPC. Done right bum marketing will save people a boatload of cash.

*** Online Directories ***

Fortunately there are ways to do successful Internet marketing that do include not losing lots of money. Online directories would probably be my first recommendation. See with directories you create highly relevant content to your niche which other people are highly interested in.

That content may come in any of the following forms.
* Multimedia (Videos)
* Audio (Podcasting)
* Text (Articles)

Since the learning style of different people is indeed different, it's best to mix things up by having a variety of content styles ready for your audience to select what works for them.

*** Web 2.0 Strategies ***

In a nutshell, Web 2.0 is the process of creating interactive content on the web. Some common ways of marketing under these methods include…

* Social Networking
* Social Bookmarking
* Blogs & Forums

People write volumes of information related to Web 2.0 marketing strategies. The bottom line is, if you do it correctly Web 2.0 can mean the difference between success and failure for your Internet marketing career.

*** Closing ***

In closing it's important to note that SEO remains important today. However, the love affair that people once had with SEO does not have to be as strong since today there are numerous different ways of finding Internet marketing success on the web. Now that you have some idea of what is beyond search engine optimization you can develop the marketing plan that makes sense to you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

2 More Pillars That Build A Customer Centric Organization

"We don't allow that here."

Have you ever heard those words from a customer service representative?

I have.

One would think I was doing something immoral or abusive to receive such a statement. The truth is, I wasn't. I was simply displeased with my support and wanted to speak with a manager. Instead of being transferred I received those oh so memorable words…

"We don't allow that here."

Nothing can destroy the hard work it takes to build a customer centric organization like the words of a customer service representative. However, are you aware that not all representatives are human? That's right!

* There are automated representatives who dress in the outfit of your automated newsletters.
* There are marketing representatives who appear in articles, videos, web 2.0, SEO and however else you market your message.
* There are even personal representatives who show up each and every time you answer your phone. (Hint: this one would be a close relative of yours, who is also known as… YOU!)

In a recent newsletter of mine I wanted to build atmosphere. I thought it would be a great idea to send a request to my readers on my wife's birthday. It seemed simple enough. Just send her an Email saying Happy Birthday.

* She received no Emails.
* I received several drops from my readership


Looking back the answer is clear. They had joined my newsletter for one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose was to fulfill their own individual needs within the given niche topic. Those needs certainly did not include wishing my wife a happy birthday.

That's MY NEED! Not theirs. Well, at least it is if I want to continue eating not to mention other pleasantries.

BOTTOM LINE: Focus on the intent of your customer to retain their loyalty.

Intent is one of the 3 pillars of creating customer loyalty. Being aware of the needs of your target audience is another. And yet one more would be the growth you experience from being considerate. Both of these topics are covered in my companion article to this article.

The final pillar is waiting just ahead.

If you have shown yourself to be focused on your customer directly in the first 3 pillars then they will be interested in your recommendations. They will…

* read your articles
* watch your videos
* listen to your audios

But most importantly click on your advertisements. When customers are the focus rather than the after-thought they know it. This knowledge will propel them into being an active participant of your web offerings.

BOTTOM LINE: For greatest success in online Internet marketing build a customer centric website which treats them like royalty rather than suckers. The result will be unquestionable success for all your hard work.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How I Use My Own Blog To Generate Blog Profits

Serious money can be made from blogs, including the ones you manage.

Blog profits are real!

And they are relatively easy when one follows some simple steps.

I recently took a blog from PR0 to PR3 using "bum marketing" principles. And you can do the some when you use my own blog principles to supercharge your own success.

*** Bum marketing ***

Building content around a given long tail keyword for which you know the results from Google will be highly positive.

Ways to accomplish this include…
* Creating and marketing videos
* Creating and marketing articles
* Using social networking and bookmarking to capitalize upon your success

Here's the process in a nutshell.

* Start with a given keyword within your niche (ie apple).
* Narrow down your scope by creating a long tail keyword using Google search (ie red delicious apple).
* Create content related to the long tail keyword you create.
* Rinse and repeat frequently.

This will work for any niche in any market including "underwater basket weaving" if that's your gig. What's more important is that the long-term results on your visitor levels will be unquestionable.

Simply put, bum marketing works.

*** Automated Newsletters ***

Now that you have a steady flow of traffic to your blog what are you going to do with it? Let it visit once and then forget about it? Don't waste your time.

You need an automated newsletter.

It doesn't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact if you create a newsletter that has only a couple of relevant tips for your target audience in each issue, you'll build a loyal following.

I need not say that repeat visitors are the key to your success as an Internet marketer do I?

*** Blogvertising ***

Now you have a steady stream of first time visitors as well as repeat visitors. If you provide highly relevant affiliate links for them to check out you are sure to start generating income successfully. Just be sure that you are referring people to relevant high quality links or you might regret it in the long run.

However, affiliate links are not the only way to generate income from advertising on your blog. You could write your own Ebook or create your own related items that would be of interest to this market.

Or better yet, allow other people who have created highly relevant items that your niche market will be interested in to advertise on your blog. You could choose to charge them for placing ads on your blog or let them be guest article contributors adding to the value of the content of your blog. Either way the end result will be highly profitable if done right.

*** Closing ***

Blog profits are indeed possible. Hopefully you have some fresh ideas of how you will go about making money from your own blog by reading about how I use my own blog for the same income generating processes. It's important to point out that the above are not the only ways to make money blogging, they are however some excellent ways to go about it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Why Online Internet Marketers Should Use Advertising Co-Ops

Internet marketing.

Those two words are very well known within the life of all online Internet Marketers.

Advertising Co-ops.

Now there are two words that are often way more overlooked than they should be. In my last article I looked at success tips for co-ops. It's now time to see why Internet marketers everywhere should include participation within an advertising co-op.

Telling people about your product within Ezine newsletters is extremely affective. Especially if…

* The Ezine is targeted to your niche
* The Ezine has a healthy following
* The Ezine has been in the industry for more than a couple of days

However, advertising within online publications, newsletters and Ezine's can indeed be a very costly endeavor, especially if you place your advertisement with a publication that meets all three criteria's from the above list.

The three most common ways of getting an advertising spot with an online Ezine are…

* Solo Ads: You are the only ad within a given release of the publication. Typically these are the most expensive types of advertisements since they limit the ability for other advertisers to place their advertisements in that issue of the publication.

* Top Sponsor Ads: These are typically the second most expensive types of advertisements for people to participate in. The reason is simple; these advertisements come at the top of the newsletter before the publisher even has a chance of displaying the content of their publication.

* Classified Ads: Have you ever picked up a newspaper to find local area garage sales or logged on to a job board trying to find the perfect career for yourself? If so, you've seen different versions of classified ads. In an online publication the classified ad section normally focuses on different offerings within a given niche industry. While these are the least expensive option avoiding them altogether would be a mistake.

In closing here is my own personal favorite Ezine directory that will help you in finding the best possible publications for you to work with.


Another approach to this concept that a lot of people use is placing ads through Google PPC.

Here is a program unlike any other that you may be interested in investigating further.

* Free Google PPC Ads

There are over 30,000 Ezine publications for online Internet marketers to form advertising co-ops around today. Therefore adding this strategy to your online marketing campaigns is not only highly suggested but it is also strongly recommended.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Create Videos

Internet marketing.

Many people know about it. Painfully few people know how to do it successfully.

Today I'd like to discuss exactly why you should add "create videos" to your online marketing strategies. After all if you’re an Internet marketer who is worth their salt you've already dabbled in…

* Article writing
* Social bookmarking
* Social networking

and a plethora of other activities, not to forget SEO. But, why are creating videos such an important part of the equation?

Yesterday I wrote two helpful articles. One was for article directories and the other for video directories. I decided to make those articles even more valuable by including the PR (page rank) level of each directory.

Boy was I surprised.

Google has spiders. Not the kind that leave nasty welts on people's bodies. Fact is, if you create your web correctly these spiders can be your ticket to success. When they visit your website or blog they examine everything very closely through stastical compellations. Your web project then receives a rating based on things like…

* How relevant your site is to your niche market
* Your traffic level and how long they stay
* Backlinks (Links that point to your website that do not need to be returned.)

And many other things, but this article concerns those backlinks. After compiling the list of article and video directories that I mentioned earlier I found something very surprising and extremely valuable if acted upon.

While article directories had an average PR of 3 or 4 video directories averaged PR's between 7 & 8. The higher a PR level is with 10 being the top the better it is. I honestly expected the PR's between the two different types of directories to be near the same.

Boy was I surprised.

The question is, would you rather have a PR7 pointing back to you or a PR3. The obvious answer would be a PR7. However, even with this information in tow I would recommend a combination of the two. Which means I would use articles and videos together as a whole.

Here's what I am planning to do from this point forward.

1. Instead of submitting my work to 28 article directories as I have been doing, I'm going to cut it down to only 10. If I had the finances to put the whole project to an automated article submission process I would do exactly that. Currently, I don't. But things are changing quite rapidly since I launched my GoDaddy website last May.

2. Choose 5 to 10 video directories that I will submit my online videos to on a daily basis using the multimedia directory I created yesterday. Again, if I had the economic means to do so I would set this part of the task to the best automated video submission tool that is on the market today.

3. Once my articles/videos are accepted submit the whole process to 1 of my 4 pillar social bookmarking sites. Then let the lesser social bookmarking utilities know that these pillars have been updated on a frequent basis.

4. Finally, let my social networks know that these bookmarking services have been updated.

5. Rinse and repeat the above process on a daily basis.

If you consider that only submitting articles has taken my blog from a PR0 to a PR3 in less than 6 months it just makes sense to expand to these other areas for the best results with my overall PR levels. That's why I recommend you do the same for your projects while making sure that you create videos as often as you possibly can.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

List Of Video Directories To Submit Your Videos To

Do you know what's better than an article that lures people into visiting your website on the web?

If you said video, you are right.

If you didn't say video, wake up and smell the 21st century.

I'm certainly not encouraging you to avoid writing articles for the web. Perhaps that's why I just finished putting together an article outlining the article directories I personally use on a daily basis.

However, just because doing a video might take a bit more work (it does for me to be sure), is no reason not to create videos around your niche target market as well.

With video in hand you can take the longer approach of self-submission or the easy way out with an automated video submitter. My own personal favorite video submitter would be Traffic Geyser, though I make sure to logon personally and create a profile on each video directory before using their sweet tool.

Now, here's a list I've put together for video submission places. The PR refers to Google page rank that gives you an idea of which directories Google finds better than the others. Getting backlinks to your website from PR5 and above locations is like gold to the chances of your online success.

YouTube (PR9)
VideoGoogle (PR8)
VideoYahoo (PR7)
UnCutVideo (PR6)
EyeSpot (PR6)
Grouper (PR6)
JumpCut (PR6)
Revver (PR6)
DailyMotion (PR7)
OurMedia (PR6)
Vids.MySpace (PR8)
SoapBox.MSN (PR6)
MetaCafe (PR7)
IFilm (PR7)
MotionBox (PR8)
CastPost (PR5)
Viddler (PR6)
BroadCaster (PR5)
BlinkX (PR7)
MeFeedia (PR6)
Be.Ajaxilicious (PR4)
ClipShack (PR6)
GetDemocracy (PR7)
OpenVLog (PR5)
Pooxi (PR4)
Truveo (PR6)
TurnHere (PR6)
Bolt (PR6)
ZippyVideos (PR5)
LiveLeak (PR7)

There certainly is a lot of work that goes into proper Internet marketing. Taken step by step you have a greater chance of success. Making videos as one of your steps is highly recommended which is why this list of video directories will be a great reference list when it comes time to know where to submit your videos to.