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Monday, October 6, 2008

2 More Pillars That Build A Customer Centric Organization

"We don't allow that here."

Have you ever heard those words from a customer service representative?

I have.

One would think I was doing something immoral or abusive to receive such a statement. The truth is, I wasn't. I was simply displeased with my support and wanted to speak with a manager. Instead of being transferred I received those oh so memorable words…

"We don't allow that here."

Nothing can destroy the hard work it takes to build a customer centric organization like the words of a customer service representative. However, are you aware that not all representatives are human? That's right!

* There are automated representatives who dress in the outfit of your automated newsletters.
* There are marketing representatives who appear in articles, videos, web 2.0, SEO and however else you market your message.
* There are even personal representatives who show up each and every time you answer your phone. (Hint: this one would be a close relative of yours, who is also known as… YOU!)

In a recent newsletter of mine I wanted to build atmosphere. I thought it would be a great idea to send a request to my readers on my wife's birthday. It seemed simple enough. Just send her an Email saying Happy Birthday.

* She received no Emails.
* I received several drops from my readership


Looking back the answer is clear. They had joined my newsletter for one purpose and one purpose only. That purpose was to fulfill their own individual needs within the given niche topic. Those needs certainly did not include wishing my wife a happy birthday.

That's MY NEED! Not theirs. Well, at least it is if I want to continue eating not to mention other pleasantries.

BOTTOM LINE: Focus on the intent of your customer to retain their loyalty.

Intent is one of the 3 pillars of creating customer loyalty. Being aware of the needs of your target audience is another. And yet one more would be the growth you experience from being considerate. Both of these topics are covered in my companion article to this article.

The final pillar is waiting just ahead.

If you have shown yourself to be focused on your customer directly in the first 3 pillars then they will be interested in your recommendations. They will…

* read your articles
* watch your videos
* listen to your audios

But most importantly click on your advertisements. When customers are the focus rather than the after-thought they know it. This knowledge will propel them into being an active participant of your web offerings.

BOTTOM LINE: For greatest success in online Internet marketing build a customer centric website which treats them like royalty rather than suckers. The result will be unquestionable success for all your hard work.