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Monday, October 27, 2008

3 Feed Burning Rss Questions Answered By FeedBurner Rss


If you are like me you have heard this acronym before.

Perhaps you even know that it stands for "Really Simple Syndication".

But the question remains…

Who cares?

The answer is…


Let's examine 3 RSS questions to find out exactly why you should be using RSS in your own online campaigns.

1:] How do I setup an RSS chicklet on my blog?
2:] Can I use Email with RSS?
3:] What do PING & RSS have in common?

NOTE: While there are other RSS services on the web, we will be positioning this discussion around the usage of FeedBurner RSS services. In general the concepts unfolded here will apply to other feed burning services as well.

*** How Do I Setup An RSS Chicklet On My Blog ***

After logging on to your FeedBurner account you will pleasantly find that the bulk of the work is suddenly behind you.

On the top of your screen you will find these following tabs

* Analyze
* Optimize
* Publicize
* Monetize
* Troubleshootize

We will be working within the "PUBLICIZE" window to answer this and the other 2 questions.

Once in the "PUBLICIZE" screen you will find a list of options on the left side.

Find and select the "CHICKLET CHOOSER".

Choose the "CHICKLET" you would like to use.

Scroll to the bottom drop down box and select the blog platform you are working with. If your preferred platform is not listed then copy paste the code where you would like it to reside on your blog.

When using the drop down blog selection options, if you have more than one blog be sure to select the right one else have the wrong RSS feed installed on the wrong blog.

Now, each time you submit a new article to your blog it will automatically send out a notification to anyone and everyone that has chosen to be part of your RSS service.

But wait. There's more….

*** Can I Use Email With RSS? ***

Not everyone is used to using and/or familiar with the process of RSS yet. So providing a second option for people that don't use RSS is a really good idea.

That's why when setting up your RSS service you also want to setup an "EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION" option.

Simply follow the same path as what you did to install the "CHICKLET" with the alteration of choosing "EMAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS" from the "SERVICES" list instead.

*** What Do PING & RSS Have In Common? ***d

The result?

You now have both an RSS feed and an Email Subscription option setup for your readers to join. With those items in place, every time you update your blog your readers will know about it. Provide them with information that they want and you will find a steady flow of visitors coming back to your blog on a regular basis.

However, a problem still exists in that people need to know that these services exist on your blog before they can join them.

That's where the concept of PINGing comes into the picture.

From the same "SERVICES" list that you used to setup your feed and Email subscription options, choose "PINGSHOT"

Select the services you would like to PING.

Be sure to add the 5 additional services. Why not? It's free and the more publicity the better, no?

Select "SAVE" and you're done.

Now when you submit a new post to your blog it will be automatically posted to all these services mentioned on this list.

Talk about instant publicity.

*** Conclusion ***

Using the FeedBurner RSS utility for feed burning is free and easy. To answer even more RSS questions spend time checking out the different options on FeedBurner. Why not? While there is certainly reason to pay for some advertising services like PPC on the web, getting all the low cost to know cost publicity you can is certainly an excellent idea.