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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Remember back to your youth?

Just when you thought you had found the "love of your life" you find yourself staring at a "Dear John or Jane" letter. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to escape this tragedy in your own growing years. Whichever the case, I'm sure there were times when life truly did rip the carpet right out from under your feet sending you sprawling like a bag of marbles being ripped to shreds at the seam.

Fast forward to today and your Internet marketing endeavors. Now you look to and fro only to find numerous people everywhere in love with a concept called search engine optimization (SEO).

For the record, SEO involves preparing your web pages for the search engine spiders to consume in such a way that it sends your web creation through the proverbial Internet ceiling. As important as SEO is, there are other forms of Internet Marketing today that are at least as equally important if not even more important than search engine optimization.

Let's look at some of those marketing skills that are beyond search engine optimization within this article.

*** PPC Marketing ***

Pay per click marketing involves paying for people to click on your Internet advertisements. While you can lose serious money with this process, many people flock to this technology.

I sure don't blame them. It's a way of gaining instant exposure to whatever it is that they are offering.

I do however wish I could tell them one thing before they spend their hard earned cash. If given the opportunity I would tell them to learn the bum marketing process before doing PPC. Done right bum marketing will save people a boatload of cash.

*** Online Directories ***

Fortunately there are ways to do successful Internet marketing that do include not losing lots of money. Online directories would probably be my first recommendation. See with directories you create highly relevant content to your niche which other people are highly interested in.

That content may come in any of the following forms.
* Multimedia (Videos)
* Audio (Podcasting)
* Text (Articles)

Since the learning style of different people is indeed different, it's best to mix things up by having a variety of content styles ready for your audience to select what works for them.

*** Web 2.0 Strategies ***

In a nutshell, Web 2.0 is the process of creating interactive content on the web. Some common ways of marketing under these methods include…

* Social Networking
* Social Bookmarking
* Blogs & Forums

People write volumes of information related to Web 2.0 marketing strategies. The bottom line is, if you do it correctly Web 2.0 can mean the difference between success and failure for your Internet marketing career.

*** Closing ***

In closing it's important to note that SEO remains important today. However, the love affair that people once had with SEO does not have to be as strong since today there are numerous different ways of finding Internet marketing success on the web. Now that you have some idea of what is beyond search engine optimization you can develop the marketing plan that makes sense to you.