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Sunday, October 5, 2008

How I Use My Own Blog To Generate Blog Profits

Serious money can be made from blogs, including the ones you manage.

Blog profits are real!

And they are relatively easy when one follows some simple steps.

I recently took a blog from PR0 to PR3 using "bum marketing" principles. And you can do the some when you use my own blog principles to supercharge your own success.

*** Bum marketing ***

Building content around a given long tail keyword for which you know the results from Google will be highly positive.

Ways to accomplish this include…
* Creating and marketing videos
* Creating and marketing articles
* Using social networking and bookmarking to capitalize upon your success

Here's the process in a nutshell.

* Start with a given keyword within your niche (ie apple).
* Narrow down your scope by creating a long tail keyword using Google search (ie red delicious apple).
* Create content related to the long tail keyword you create.
* Rinse and repeat frequently.

This will work for any niche in any market including "underwater basket weaving" if that's your gig. What's more important is that the long-term results on your visitor levels will be unquestionable.

Simply put, bum marketing works.

*** Automated Newsletters ***

Now that you have a steady flow of traffic to your blog what are you going to do with it? Let it visit once and then forget about it? Don't waste your time.

You need an automated newsletter.

It doesn't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact if you create a newsletter that has only a couple of relevant tips for your target audience in each issue, you'll build a loyal following.

I need not say that repeat visitors are the key to your success as an Internet marketer do I?

*** Blogvertising ***

Now you have a steady stream of first time visitors as well as repeat visitors. If you provide highly relevant affiliate links for them to check out you are sure to start generating income successfully. Just be sure that you are referring people to relevant high quality links or you might regret it in the long run.

However, affiliate links are not the only way to generate income from advertising on your blog. You could write your own Ebook or create your own related items that would be of interest to this market.

Or better yet, allow other people who have created highly relevant items that your niche market will be interested in to advertise on your blog. You could choose to charge them for placing ads on your blog or let them be guest article contributors adding to the value of the content of your blog. Either way the end result will be highly profitable if done right.

*** Closing ***

Blog profits are indeed possible. Hopefully you have some fresh ideas of how you will go about making money from your own blog by reading about how I use my own blog for the same income generating processes. It's important to point out that the above are not the only ways to make money blogging, they are however some excellent ways to go about it.