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Sunday, October 12, 2008

How To Create A Thumbnail Image For Your YouTube Video

You've gone to all the work of creating a video.

You've even followed my upload video guide advice for your YouTube video.

Whether this is your first or your millionth video you want to be sure to create a thumbnail image that makes sense.

There are probably thousands of videos on YouTube and other directories that would get better hits if they only had a good thumbnail image for people to view.

*** Placing The Thumbnail Image ***

The truth is that they would probably be shocked to find out how easy it is to choose their desired thumbnail image for their video. Simply put, when creating the video itself place the thumbnail image exactly at the half way mark in the video.

After uploading your video YouTube will let you choose which thumbnail to use. In a perfect world you would be able to select the image that you placed in the middle of your video. If this does not happen for you, then keep adjusting your video till you can see you're desired image.

In numbers it would look like this.

For a 20 second video you would place your thumbnail image at 10 seconds.
For a 5-minute video you would place the thumbnail image at 2.30 minutes within your video.

Just divide your video by 2 and you arrive at the exact position where the thumbnail needs to be placed at.

*** Thumbnail Image Helpful Hints ***

* Your thumbnail needs to catch your reader's eye. Some people use beautiful models to accomplish this while other people target specific items like a blown up shot of a hamburger. Whatever you choose make it provocative enough that your reader will want to find out what the video is about.

* Your thumbnail image does not have to relate to your video. If it does that's great. However, if you simply want the image to draw reader's attention then you can do something zany or wild to accomplish that goal.

* Whatever image you choose as your thumbnail will appeal to a specific target audience more than any other. Therefore, if you are targeting a female audience you will probably want to choose something other than a scantily dressed woman.

*** Summary Of Thumbnail Images ***

When you deliberately strategically create a thumbnail image for your YouTube video you will automatically increase the level of viewers for that video. People are almost always more intrigued by an alluring image than they are by one's that don't make sense. For that reason your thumbnail image is truly one of the most important parts of your video. That's why you want to have your entire thumbnail image usage highly targeted to your niche audience's curiosity.