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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Installing Google Adwords Editor For My PPC Campaign

True confessions of an Internet marketer.

"I don't use pay per click advertising."

There. I said it. It's out in the open and I feel so much better, or at least I'm told that I'm supposed to feel so much better.

Perhaps I should tell you why?

* PPC takes to much time.
* PPC can be extremely expensive.
* PPC… well, for me the above to points are enough.

But then you find articles talking about "My PPC Campaign Success" and you here stories about how pay per click advertising brings an instant flood of high quality targeted traffic to your web offerings.

Since I personally want all the…

* high quality
* targeted traffic

I can get, I decided to give PPC another try. This time, in the process of setting up a new campaign I stumbled upon the Google Adwords Editor. See, it isn't that I haven't used PPC but rather in my current marketing profile I have simply chosen not to use pay per click advertising.

I know this much is true…

PPC Works

-- IF --

You know how to work PPC

So I went to work installing Google's Editor.

NOTE TO SELF: Someone ought to tell Google that the above link from their source website is misdirected. Or at least it was when I wrote this article.

Here's a comment Google placed about this Editor.

"After a quick, easy installation process, you can start using Editor immediately."

* Easy – It was.
* Quick – I guess that's a matter of perspective. After 2 hours of waiting for the editor to install I came to the determination that either Google's idea of "quick" was slower than an ice age or I needed to reboot my computer.

Then I received a message "install server not responding."

I rebooted.

Yeah! The reboot worked.

I continued following the "Getting Started" instructions.

It continued working!

What was my final analysis?

The Google Adwords Editor really is a tool worth checking out.

One last exciting point before I close. Since the editor…

* Saves my work as you go.
* Makes my edits live only after I upload them.
* Streamlines the entire process for my PPC campaign.

I know I have found a tool that I will use as well as highly recommend for anyone who is serious about his or her own PPC success.