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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

List Of Video Directories To Submit Your Videos To

Do you know what's better than an article that lures people into visiting your website on the web?

If you said video, you are right.

If you didn't say video, wake up and smell the 21st century.

I'm certainly not encouraging you to avoid writing articles for the web. Perhaps that's why I just finished putting together an article outlining the article directories I personally use on a daily basis.

However, just because doing a video might take a bit more work (it does for me to be sure), is no reason not to create videos around your niche target market as well.

With video in hand you can take the longer approach of self-submission or the easy way out with an automated video submitter. My own personal favorite video submitter would be Traffic Geyser, though I make sure to logon personally and create a profile on each video directory before using their sweet tool.

Now, here's a list I've put together for video submission places. The PR refers to Google page rank that gives you an idea of which directories Google finds better than the others. Getting backlinks to your website from PR5 and above locations is like gold to the chances of your online success.

YouTube (PR9)
VideoGoogle (PR8)
VideoYahoo (PR7)
UnCutVideo (PR6)
EyeSpot (PR6)
Grouper (PR6)
JumpCut (PR6)
Revver (PR6)
DailyMotion (PR7)
OurMedia (PR6)
Vids.MySpace (PR8)
SoapBox.MSN (PR6)
MetaCafe (PR7)
IFilm (PR7)
MotionBox (PR8)
CastPost (PR5)
Viddler (PR6)
BroadCaster (PR5)
BlinkX (PR7)
MeFeedia (PR6)
Be.Ajaxilicious (PR4)
ClipShack (PR6)
GetDemocracy (PR7)
OpenVLog (PR5)
Pooxi (PR4)
Truveo (PR6)
TurnHere (PR6)
Bolt (PR6)
ZippyVideos (PR5)
LiveLeak (PR7)

There certainly is a lot of work that goes into proper Internet marketing. Taken step by step you have a greater chance of success. Making videos as one of your steps is highly recommended which is why this list of video directories will be a great reference list when it comes time to know where to submit your videos to.