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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Popular Types Of Internet Marketing For Website Traffic Creation

Internet Marketing.

While those words may seem more than a little elusive, not doing it will bring traffic creation to an absolute standstill.

Therefore, I would like to cover several types of Internet Marketing that will supercharge the success you receive on the net.

*** Article Marketing ***
I love to write! Therefore, this is one of my own personal favorite strategies when it comes to generating traffic from the Internet.

My favorite type of article marketing is called bum marketing because it helps you get for free what other people are paying top dollar for. The disadvantage of this process is found in the fact that it is a very slow way of gaining web success. However, considering the benefits of what free marketing can offer it's worth the time it takes to work.

Five free sites I would not miss being involved with as it relates to article marketing are…

* (A brand new unique way of writing for the web that pays you)
* (There is an option where you can receive pay for your submissions)
* (Best social networking site for bum marketing articles)
* (Article directory industry leader)
* (Good for Social Bookmarking)

*** Video Marketing ***
This works exactly the same way as article marketing with the exception that you are working with videos instead of articles. There are numerous video directories to target your videos too. An essential one not to miss would be Video directories may actually be more important than article directories as they normally offer a much higher Google Page Rank than what article directories do.

*** Social Networking & Bookmarking ***
Social Networking is an excellent way of spreading one's word on the web. The problem is that there are more social type-sites than you can count on the web today. In my opinion keeping track of this information is paramount to having an Internet nervous break down. That was before someone told me about MyPage provides you with the ability to control all your social networking activities from a single podium. Using this tool Web 2.0 strategies make sense.

*** Conclusion ***
Using the above free types of Internet marketing strategies for your web business traffic creation simply makes sense. However, remember the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) will further enhance any and all efforts that you might try from the above information. With that said, go forth and conquer. The web is your domain!